Inviting you to our new intimate class, Awakening Intuition and Inner Knowing! Limited to ONLY 12 in person (sharing) participants. We already have 25 folks who want a spot for sure. If interested, please email your intention to by this Wed, May 20th! We will also be live streaming it (to an unlimited amount of folks so let us know your intention for that if space does not allow you to come in person) We love you!

Themes we discussed in the current series, Practitioners Guide to Inner Knowing have included (but have certainly not been limited to:)
– Transcending the Illusions of Space and Time

Awakening Intuition & Inner Knowing

Awakening Intuition & Inner Knowing- The Divine Unknowing; The God Realms

– Moving Beyond Mind, Emotions & Unconscious Fears
– The Christ Consciousness
– The Clarity of Spirit (Learning to Clear and Stay Clear)
– Freeing Ourselves of Karma (Advanced Clearing)
– The God Round (The Practitioners don’t know the theme of this class yet so we are keeping it a surprise)

To sign up In-Person:

– Join us in the profound and sacred energy of Spirit, where two or more are gathered in God’s name… You will be able to ask questions about the themes offered, how to apply them to you, and any other personal questions. Michael (assisted by Alisha) will work with you to gain transformation, clearing and deep inner movement. – In our current class we have had sharing each class and most folks got to share every class.

РYou will get a recording of each class within a few days after class so that you may give yourself to the profound EXPERIENCE without worrying about missing the information because you can watch it as much as you like afterward.

– You will get a recording of meditations to journey with between classes

– You will have e-mail support and homework (very easy but profound) buddies in-between classes

– If you are out of town for a class, you will be able to Live Stream that class. You will also get a recording of the class that you miss.

Class will be in an intimate, VERY comfortable home setting in Brentwood. We spoil you with an overflowing table of food and drinks, comfortable chairs, blankets, flowers, candles…

Class will be 6:30 to 10:00 pm (sometimes they are longer) every other Tuesday starting June 23rd (all dates below)

– The price for all 12 weeks (six classes and at least 21 hours of Michael’s time) is $550.00 for each three and a half hour class ($3300 for the six classes.)

1. Please submit via email or call the office with a short Statement of Intention. Just that you want to do the class for certain and one sentence telling us the transformation you intend to gain from it. This is due May 20th (THIS WEDNESDAY).

2. If selected, we ask that you pay up front for the full series to demonstrate your commitment to yourself and your transformation, the full class series and to secure your seat.

For participants who choose to participate by Live Streaming the classes only:
– Participate in the comfort of your own home
– Because of the way karma works, there will be no sharing or questions/comments from live streamers (sorry)
– You will get a recording of the meditations and videos
– Homework and buddy support
– The price will be $250/class ($1500 for all six)

If you would like to Live Stream, please contact us and let us know if we may charge your card on file and/or call the office. Details to connect will follow closer to class.