What Is The ‘Divine Unknowing’?

She whispered that she wanted to die. Her partner of twenty-five years no longer saw her value, she had crippling physical pain, her father was dying… How to assist her to move her into the light in an hour or so? Way beyond me. I surrendered into the ‘Divine Unknowing’. I said nothing until I received what to say word by word, image by image. A little over an hour later she was remembered to her divine nature and the profound gift of life.

I will endeavor to define the Divine Unknowing but please understand doing so is akin to describing…nothing. I perceive it as the state of being wherein one unhooks from their ego and surrenders to being keenly present within an empty mind and infinite spaciousness; it’s the ultimate letting go into, yes, nothing (no thing). I have found that only from this state may one access direct knowing. It’s the placeless place (sorry, I warned you) from whence all Divine Knowing flows.

I find the more we practice accessing this highest counsel, the easier it is to notice the difference between receiving guidance from our ego (mind, emotion etc.) instead of Spirit. And while that still small voice may be… still and small compared to the strident and cocky advice of our ego, or worse, the false self, there is a way to exit the rush hour of our inner voices and to venture onto the peaceful Jetstream of our direct unknowing and then knowing.

The Divine Unknowing is always available to us, but are we always available to it? To be so, we must, full of faith, jump off the cliff of what we know into the vast unknown. This may sound daunting, but we come to a point at which to stay on the ledge of the familiar becomes untenable when we sense the expanse of Spirit just on the heaven side of that first step off. We become willing to risk everything we know to fly within that endless possibility. In my experience, it is simpler (though not easier) than our mind tells us, and I have found that, if I relinquish all pretense of knowing, sit long enough in a still, surrendered place, and earnestly confess (often out loud) “I don’t know,” I find myself in that ‘placeless place’ and eventually knowing begins to flow.

Romancing and Trusting the Divine Unknowing

We receive knowing in many forms. We may hear guidance in words, simply get a sense of a direction, see images (ones having to do specifically with the subject at hand or symbols which we then need to interpret), hear inner sounds (like music or an ethereal language from which we also might infer direction), have a vision, a kinesthetic experience in our body… Knowing comes in so many unique ways, all equally valid. It’s a matter of learning and then trusting how the Spirit communicates to and through us.

Impediments to Reaching the Divine Unknowing

It’s been my experience that knowing does not come “on demand”. It is presented in God’s timing, not our own. I’ve sat and stared stupidly at many a client until that knowing came forward. Often, I’ve found the process by which we achieve and surrender to knowing can be an uncomfortable one.

The prejudices in the ego (which may deem certain things “good” or “bad”) can block the Divine Unknowing. To overcome these prejudices, it’s important to realize that value distinctions are based in the illusions of time and space. When we pretend, we know enough to judge, we’re out of the allowing of God. The less agenda or personalization we have, the more knowing comes present. The more we’re personally engaged, the harder it’s going to be to access the Divine Unknowing.

Keys to Accessing the Divine Unknowing

More than a decade after the pivotal experience of dancing onstage I described in the last article, I still stare stupidly at folks while surrendering more and more into the Divine unknowing.  My mind, after all this time, is usually smart enough to not offer it’s “helpful” answers. Instead, I’ve found that stepping back, relaxing, and allowing the door of answers to open toward us is key. To access the Divine Unknowing we must allow it, rather than pursue or judge it.  We, as God’s individuation in this world and as his children, are learning to allow what’s going on as He does. For example, God allows murder, political corruption, and inhumane acts, yet does not seem to have a problem with these less-than-desirable aspects of reality—at least, not the way we think He should—because He seems to be in no hurry to change them. As God’s individuation into this world, we create problems and we create solutions. God learns through all of this; God learns through all of us; God loves all of His creation.

As we move our consciousness into alignment with God’s will, we accept and allow all that is present. Doing so brings us into the freedom of God’s consciousness. That attitude of allowing is what takes us into the Divine Unknowing. When we allow, we become aware of the miracle of every moment; when we become absolutely neutral, knowing comes present. These kinds of things can open when we go into allowing and don’t have the hidden boundaries of what’s possible to know, which can then change our beliefs about what is possible to manifest. Change comes as a byproduct of experience and thus knowing and then manifesting the fruit of that knowing.

Verifying the Information, We Receive

As we check out the information, either with the person we are accessing it for (in a counseling or ministerial situation, for example) or by acting on the information in our own lives, we learn more about what voices to trust and which to just observe and put aside. I have found it invaluable to offer what I receive to clients in an innocent or curious way and to check it out with them. For example, I would describe things that I could have no way of knowing about their lives (as a means to the end of their healing, completion, or future direction) and they would validate it. Or I might enumerate a past life which uncannily parallels their experiences in this life and allows them to step forward unencumbered by unfinished business or outdated beliefs. In this way, I’ve learned to trust the information I receive more.

I receive a lot of communication in inner visual symbols or sounds or impressions and have had to learn what to do with these messages. For example, when I hear inner ethereal “languages,” I do not try to translate them. I listen to them (If alone I sometimes quietly speak them out loud to connect to the line of energy present) surrender again into the Divine Unknowing, and often become aware of the essence of what they are relaying. Sometimes, after this process, I will hear, one by one, words in English to share with others. I will then check out that information and see if it resonates with them.

After I receive an answer, I will often sit in silence to discern if it ‘holds’ and is the purest voice. I don’t ask for information simply as a parlor trick or out of curiosity. Instead, I only seek information or guidance that has a practical application and/or may be used to assist the person (or myself) to heal, transform, and/or move forward in some way.

Psychic Seeing Vs Spiritual Seeing

Please note that accessing information inside is not the hard part. The challenging part of this process is discerning which is the highest voice and/or how to interpret what is received and which information is to be shared. Many folks caution against going to “psychics” or fortune tellers, but instead encourage looking within or enlisting the services of someone who can see from the Spiritual level (as opposed to seeing from only the psychic level). Sharing information from the psychic level that is not the highest good can uncap levels of energy that may be harmful for the person, or, at the very least, serve as an impediment to forward progress.

My teacher, John-Roger, once used this analogy: Think of a spoon in a glass of water. If you look directly into the glass from the side the spoon looks bent or wavy; it looks distorted even though it is not. That’s like looking from the psychic level. If you can get above and look down on the glass, however, you will see the spoon as it truly is—straight and unbent. That’s what it’s like to see from the spiritual level. To determine which is which, I encourage going into the Divine Unknowing, into your heart, and I believe you’ll know.

A Word of Encouragement

I routinely go back to ‘beginner’s mind’ and confess my obvious ignorance. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to matter how little I know; it only matters that I’m open to receiving and sharing innocently what I receive from Spirit, as best I can.

I encourage us all to languidly relax into the pool of Divine Unknowing, which streams us into the vast ocean of Divine Knowing. This, in turn, spills us through every heart and, like a waterfall, flows us into the oneness of God’s heart

A One Minute Call to Action

  1. Focus on your next breath. Exhale fear, inhale loving right into your heart. Repeat 3x
  2. See before you a vast expanse of light,
  3. In your imagination (or physically) walk towards it and off the cliff of all you know
  4. Allow yourself to fly
  5. Gently, slowly, pose to yourself, into the light, a question you’ve wanted to know an answer to
  6. Observe what comes back. No rush. What do you see, hear, sense, know…? Trust.
  7. Write down or simply note your experience, how simple it is, to relax into the divine unknowing from which all knowing flows

With all my love,


The Divine Unknowing – The Source of All Knowing

Like God is in heaven and we are too and we can trust the benevolence of the universe and ourselves. Is that how you felt when you did something that made little sense at the time and was a bit fearful, but later, maybe even years later, you understood why you were moved to do it? Humor me and take just a moment to acknowledge yourself for your faith and courage. From what place do we get that nudge? I call it the divine unknowing (Intuition, instinct…it’s all the same.) I’d like to share with you a story about that shimmering place and John-Roger. Next week I’ll share about what I learned about it with Michael and clients.

As a child and even teen I had little fear of dancing. In a remote all- girls’ boarding school, I had the only boyfriend for miles, the nurse’s son. The big appeal of him? He could dance. But then I moved to New York and dated a professional Broadway dancer who always moved in perfect rhythm to even the beat of the subway train. In comparison I felt frozen, stymied, like a 13-year-old boy at his first dance. I started counting beats to dance even a little. I walked into a ‘real’ dance class in New York city with all my southern guilelessness, and beamed wide at the ballerinas in the mirror. They looked me up and down in what I’m sure was not hip attire, averted their eyes and ignored me. I would never dance in public after New York.

However, years later, I took a trip to the far east with J-R. I stood upon the temple of Philae, Egypt meditating and at once I felt under my bare feet a heartbeat. If felt like the Lord to which the temple was resurrected was inviting me to move in concert to this primordial rhythm, to come into the bliss I felt must surely live on the heaven side of my fear. I started spontaneously dancing on that temple and every other all through Egypt and then Israel…

Dance became my unlikely conduit to greater spiritual awareness. When I got back to the states, though I hardly felt qualified, I started a free form dance class which I named Soul Dance to assist others to find that same freedom-to leave their cares about what they looked like among their other worldly belongings- outside the door. I started the class from a place of complete unknowing. An inner calling proved to me that we don’t need to understand why we are doing something to do it. Rather, understanding comes from aligned doing.

A few years into facilitating Soul Dance, I was attending a meditation retreat at Asilomar conference center. One of the facilitators, who had attended Soul Dance, challenged me to endeavor to embody the magic of ecstatic dance in a performance (rather than just being an anonymous dancer in a darkened class room) I was terrified of the idea but knew this was my next stretch. The only rehearsal was the next day, the day of the performance. Most folks had known for a while that they would be performing and had come prepared. My only preparation that morning was to get very nervous, change outfits, get more nervous, attempt dance moves in front of the only mirror- a sliding glass door that reflected the wild Pacific Ocean behind me, cry, reassure my toddlers Mommy is fine and then to repeat the whole process.  I mean, dancing with the divine unknowing works swimmingly in the darkened sanctuary of a large group but is quite another thing on a brightly lit stage by oneself in front of an impartial audience. Especially, when I was supposed to be doing the very thing I encouraged folks not to do at Soul Dance-which is to entertain.

At the rehearsal/sound check the next day, a professional dancer had just finished performing his perfectly executed choreographed act right before I shakily walked up the steps to the stage for my turn. The M.C. commenced to loudly congratulate him on how amazing his choreography was as I cued my music and started dancing entirely free-form. The M.C. a former dance teacher come therapist, my former therapist, dismissed me with “Okay, we got it. That’s enough,” after just a few moments. A cold sweat walked its unwelcome fingers down my back as a hot flush cupped my cheeks and I shamefully stumbled off the stage.

My spiritual teacher happened to be watching in the back of the room. I walked up to him and mumbled apologetically that I should have taken ‘real’ dance classes before even thinking of facilitating Soul Dance, let alone performing! He informed me that, actually, I should not have taken ‘real’ dance classes, and that if I had I would only follow pre-planned choreography instead of surrendering and allowing Spirit, not my mind or conditioning, to move me, to dance me.  That I would be loyal to my pre-planned steps instead of to divinely inspired ones.  I knew how what he was describing, complete with a simple drawn illustration, was how I wanted to dance and more, how I wanted to live.  I wanted to be led by the palm of the Lord upon the small of my back, guiding me onward. To truly follow God’s lead, not man’s.

Therefore, at the performance the following day, I was determined to not move at all until the Spirit moved me, even if that meant standing still and just staring at the audience for the entire song. When they announced my name, I shakily climbed the black wooden stairs and walked slowly to the front of the stage into the spotlight, literally wondering if I would live or die. I stilled as the music started and completely surrendered into the Divine unknowing. I stared into the audience, into Spirit, for what seemed like an eternity. From that highly intended state, I started falling deeply in love with them, with the blinding spotlight, with the black, textured wood of the stage, with every note of the music, with the space between the notes… I became aware of a spiritual vortex of light before me. I opened my arms wide, stepped forward into its embrace and started dancing with God as my partner.

I have no idea what steps I did, but I came off the stage to a standing ovation. I floated back to my teacher, who said, “Very very good” over and over to me. This was when I committed to beginning a lifelong romance with the Divine Unknowing.

Your Divine Guidance

In the next blog, I’ll share more about how I experience the Divine Unknowing in my intuitive counseling practice. In the meantime, take please take 30 seconds and answer these questions:

  1. 1. Surrender right now into the divine unknowing, feel those unseen arms around you, as you walk off the cliff of your mind into Spirit.
  2. 2. Ask it a heartfelt question-the first one that comes to mind
  3. 3. Receive the answer-it might be in words, pictures, a sense, a feeling, a sound
  4. 4. Write it down, or simply anchor it into your heart
  5. 5. What one microscopic step can you take right now to live more from that place? Take it!

With all my love,


A Bridge to Higher Consciousness

Don’t Work with the Angelic?

People often ask me why they should work with angels. I’ll usually reply, “Don’t work with angels, work with Great Archangels.” Please allow me to explain. While most of us believe angels are mystical and magical, it’s we humans who are actually the exotic ones. Angels predate us by countless years and outnumber us greatly since we are actually a latter day “experiment.” The Angelic realm is a parallel existence to the human—not higher or lower. However, individual souls in the Angelic, just like those in the physical, range in evolution from recently incepted, un-evolved saplings, to supremely high, barely individuated Great Archangels (which would be like our Saints, Gurus, Enlightened Ones, etc.). There are few Great Archangels (perhaps around a hundred) compared to the trillions of extant angels. A few Great Archangels, like Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel, are familiar to most of us; the rest may not be as well known, though they are still knowable (which is a subject for another day).

So, what’s the value of working with the Great Archangelic? To me, it’s more a question of if they are working with you—and they very likely are—does it benefit you to become a more conscious participant and co-creator?” In my experience, absolutely.

So, Why Work with the Great Archangelic?

Working with the Archangelic may assist you to awaken more from this dream of life into the reality of Spirit. The metaphysical often seems much closer to truth and certainly far more profound than the physical because we experience it more. If you are aware of their essence, Archangels may lift you into their consciousness and then up higher. They are a living, loving assist into the heart of God, a shortcut, a gift of Grace. Why would you not avail yourself of this kind of support? They are not a substitution for any other spiritual presence and they encourage you to keep going into the Lord in your awareness as you can.

The benefit for this world is that becoming more aware of the Great Archangelic may assist you to experience and manifest more of their positive qualities, such as spiritual attunement, loving, joy, inner knowing, surrender to God’s will, altitude…the list goes onward and upward. If you are manifesting more of those qualities, how could you not be more effective and successful in this world, as well as becoming more aware of the next?

I’ve facilitated dozens of classes and events wherein sharing with an individual about what Archangel was available to help them transform, heal, and lift made a visceral and transformative change in them. In these cases, simply identifying which Archangel was present and assisting folks to connect made all the difference. Do we need to be aware of the Archangelic presence for them to work with us? Not necessarily, but in my experience, being more conscious promotes exponential growth and change.

Could You Be an Angelic Immigrant?

The membrane that separates the two worlds (our world and the Angelic world) is highly permeable—we (and they) may go back and forth. We have all likely had at least one lifetime “field trip” in the Angelic realm, and many have probably spent many and even most of their existences there. Some of us are quite recent immigrants. Consciously visiting the Angelic world can help us complete unfinished karma and retrieve any streaming parts of us still wistfully casting our eyes to that place where our heftiest responsibility was to praise God whom we never forgot.

As humans, we can sometimes feel like a stranger in a strange land. Here, we have to pay bills, be on time (whatever the heck that contrivance is), set healthy boundaries (boundaries? They do not exist in the Angelic like they do here), deal with deceit and manipulation (ditto), and navigate many other obstacles that feel foreign to us. It would be like being suddenly plopped down in Iran and not knowing the culture and being expected to not offend anyone, let alone thrive. In my experience, when we become aware of just how different our world is from the Angelic, we are able to move into compassion for ourselves and self-forgiveness spills effortlessly as we give ourselves a break for being (seemingly) ineffective here.

I’m an Angel-Human?

In metaphysical circles, it’s widely accepted that we are multidimensional beings—that is that we exist not only on the physical level, but also on the astral (imagination), causal (emotional), mental, etheric (unconscious), soul, and ultimately, spirit level. I posit that most of us may also have an angelic body or presence and can thus experience the angelic level simply by shifting our awareness just as we can be aware of our imagination or even soul just by shifting our consciousness. Sometimes, accessing our angelic body can also take us into knowing the Spirit more.

For example, I was assisting a facilitator in a seminar and I inadvertently touched him to bring his attention to a logistic. As a result of my touch, he ceased being able to talk. His words sputtered out and he called for a break. Aghast, thinking I had ‘broken’ him, I followed him into another room. It turns out that my touching him had connected him into his Archangelic presence, which tapped him into a higher source of information. When he started speaking again after he had consciously allowed his own Angelic presence in, the difference in his energy was so palpable that the room felt electric and the depth of his knowledge felt vaster than it had been in all the years he had been lecturing. Before, he spoke from his human experience; after, he spoke from God’s experience. To me, it felt like we were being bathed in Divine love.

Pest Control

We are affected by negativity differently in the human consciousness than in the Angelic. But negativity that is nascent has its source in the angelic (e.g. Lucifer, fallen angels, demons) and may affect us in this world, too. It can be helpful to be cognizant of the Angelic so you can bypass temptation instead of being unconsciously affected by Lucifer and his cohorts. It’s easier to deal with the “enemy” when you understand them.

Shortcut to God Consciousness

We may sometimes relate more to God forms—Christ, Buddha, The Divine Mother, Allah, etc.—when we access them from the Angelic if we dwelled in the Angelic when we awoke to their presence. God is God, but until we awaken to the “Allness” of God, it benefits us to have specific awareness of God’s various positive presences. These manifestations of the Divine are still (very diffuse) individuations and thus knowable. I have worked with clients who connect more to some of these lofty presences by going through the Angelic version of them and then on up into the highest Spirit forms. Of course, once one is aware of the vaster Spirit, they are only concerned with continuing into God’s heart.

Working with the Archangelic is not about going back to the Angelic to try to squeeze into our pastel robes. It’s about availing ourselves to the intangible wild freedom of their absolute surrender to the Lord. It’s to use to our spiritual advancement their sage counsel, overflowing loving, protective nature, creativity, and all those things we consider magical and mystical about Angels. However, we must not stop there, but instead take that boost up and, when we are high enough in our awareness, kick out the stepstool. (Apologies to the Archangels for that analogy!)

And They Worship Us Too…

Angels are born in remembrance and surrender to the Lord, and it is to this state that we evolve. As humans, we forget God once we are no longer a tiny child and we are born free choice and the ability to co-create. It is to this state to which the angelic evolves. We are born into where they evolve; they are born into where we evolve. We are dancing into God together. We can therefore assist each other to get there more gracefully and expediently. Though we tend to worship them, they could say to us:

“We worship you, Beloveds, for you walk in this world heavily sheathed in a dream, having forgotten that God made you in His own image. And yet, of your own accord, you choose to love God and more, to love as God loves. Thus, through His human consciousness the Lord loves Himself awake. You are not human; you are not angelic; you are born the Lord.”

In my experience, Angels are not mysterious. They are ordinary, ubiquitous, and an immediate movement into the Divine. And so are you.

What We Can Learn About True Freedom From Ex-Convicts, Special Ops Vets and Byron Katie

Alisha Das Hayes and Byron Katie“Sweetie, you’re not getting this. I could be like Hannibal Lector and bite a nose off a face. I could have my guys kill for me, but I liked it to be up close and personal. I killed pimps, cho mo’s [Child molesters], dealers…the cops would actually thank me, give me back my weapons, and say have a nice day, sir.”

This is from an actual conversation I had recently! I sat on the floor with Viking. * He’s three times my size, and he just laughed when I asked how he killed in prison without weapons. He had made a journey few ever will—from the most violent death-row convict to a free, (mostly) peaceful man.

Allow me to fill you in on the twenty-four hours before this conversation. I had gone to an invitation-only Byron Katie/ Inside Circle Foundation (ICF) event in California wine country. This was to be the first time ever ex-convicts (and we’re talking former lifers) would share with “free people” the transformational work they’d done in prison. I had come because Byron Katie’s daughter, Roxann, invited me and I trusted her implicitly, but I had been told nothing about what would occur.

In the training room, I saw the roughest-looking men I’d ever seen. I thought we were there to serve them but they were clearly intending to serve us. Big Andrew* whooped a Native American invocation as sage burned. Rob, a biker with a long white ponytail, read stunning inmate poetry. Then they presented the ground rules. We didn’t make it past the first one—no violence.

Please Read The Full Article on The Huffington Post

Alisha Das Hayes on The Huffington Post 


The Divine Unknowing

N.B. from Alisha: I edited the following transcript of comments from both Michael and I at one of our recent Inner Knowing classes. We each contributed about half of the material. For simplicity, I use the first person throughout. The subject is so vast and challenging, please consider this just our first blush of describing (really just pointing towards) the infinite, multicolored palate referred to as the ‘Divine Unknowing,’

“I want Michael to mentor me, teach me to do what he does” folks often report. My cheeky reply is usually, “Me too. By all means, go for it so we can compare notes.’ The truth is Michael did mentor me but not in the way one might think. He didn’t sit me down with a formula, lists, or really even any satisfying answers about how to do what he does. What he did do was work with me (for thousands of hours, bless him) to remove barriers within to accessing Divine Unknowing. He would then throw me in the deep end and yank me out if I was truly drowning. I don’t think I would have had it any other way (I say that now, in the respite of being safe on shore. Don’t ask me when I’m sputtering away again.)

He also allowed me to work on him as his practitioner (Talk about intimidating) and assiduously encouraged me to work with others long before I felt ready. Whether it’s counseling, having a baby, running a race… if we wait until we feel or think we are ready (as opposed to being called from within) we’ll always be stuck in the starting gate endlessly preparing, wistfully watching others charge ahead-maybe to certain death or worse, profound embarrassment, but they are moving, acting. I consider greater access to the Divine Unknowing the greatest thing Michael imparted to me that enables me to do what I do.

Of course, we all have equal access to Divine knowing but we may not all be mutually willing to walk, with trust and faith, through that bright, mysterious portal of Divine Unknowing. In my experience, it is simpler (not easier) than our ‘all knowing’ minds or egos tell us it is. I have found if I relinquish all pretense of knowing, sit long enough, in a still, surrendered place, and earnestly confess (often out loud) “I don’t know,” the answers will come if there is purposefulness to them. I then sit in silence yet longer to double check my discernment about whether it’s the purest voice I hear, sense and which information is to be shared. In my experience, it is, unfortunately, not on demand and not one second before God’s timing. I’ve sat and started stupidly at many a client until that knowing came forward. My mind at this point is usually smart enough to not offer it’s helpful answers. The only time I am that patient, present and slow is when I am working. Languidly relaxing into the pool of Divine Unknowing opens us to the vast ocean of Divine Knowing which flows through every beating heart.

To some extent, we’re dealing with moving past limitations of time and space. We tend to identify ourselves spatially or temporally (E.G. I take up or move through this space, this is my age etc.) When we break free of the limiting ways we’ve defined ourselves in time or space, we are liberated from a pretense of knowing. We realize we’ve just adopted a conditioned conceptualization that is helpful in navigating this [dream] reality but is far from the whole story of who we are and what we have access to as infinite beings

In ancient days, there was more of a collective mentality and emotionality. Everybody knew much more of what others were feeling and thinking. A form of telepathy was the norm. Some say the Aborigines are still able to communicate over distance by sending a thought. This was inherent within us. But then collectively, as a species, we bought into other tools of getting and sharing information. The principal one was increasing the use and sophistication of language.

About seven years ago, I was on trip to Columbia with John-Roger and a group of MSIA participants. Part of the ancient karma we were working to lift had to do with the advent of sophisticated language in that part of the world. Long ago, a civilization that came out of Antarctica with this greater mental sophistication had spread throughout South America, bringing with it the greater adoption of language as a dominant way of connecting to and sharing with others. Over thousands of years, it helped bring about the forgetting of what was innately knowable between humans and consequentially led to an over reliance on spoken language. This led to what is sometimes called sophistry, the use of clever language in presentation or debate in order to convince or manipulate other people.

We have come to the point where we rely more upon language, rather than upon what our knowing and instincts are telling us. For example, someone may tell us we can trust him or her and all the while they have the intention to take from us or to control us. We override our gut feeling and intuition that is seeking to reveal to us the difference between the words that are spoken and the true intention of those speaking them. This is a huge key that we have largely lost in our communication with others. Just because we want something to be so doesn’t make it so, but it does incline us to see it so.

John-Roger said we human beings create, promote or allow all things in our lives. It is said that we are created in God’s own image. I suggest that God creates, promotes and allows all things as do we, his children. God created this manifest reality that we experience. He promotes it by individuating and then extending Himself into what He had created. His intention is to experience and learn about his creation by individuating Himself. Then he comes back into the totality of Spirit with all of his learnings. As he has set this process in motion, he rarely interferes with it. We could say that he allows it to play out to see how it all works.

We, God’s individuation in this world, are learning to allow what is going on as He does. The key into the Divine unknowing is to allow it. For example, God allows holocausts, poverty, body odor, taxes, inequity between the rich and the poor… He allows a lot of things, which we might say we don’t like. Yet God is obviously not having a problem with it the way we think He should because He seems to be in no hurry to change it. He allows all of this because He learns through it. As God’s individuation into this world, we create problems and we create solutions. God learns through all of this and all of us. God loves all of His creation. As we move our consciousness into alignment with God’s will, we accept and allow all that is present. Doing so brings us into the freedom and empowerment of God’s consciousness.

I was recently meditating and I experienced the allowing of God. It was profound to realize that God loves all things and impartially allows it all to take place. He is truly letting go and letting God. I realized that God’s allowing all things includes miracles. I understood that God, in His allowing all things, allows us to change what has been created. He allows us to do the miraculous. So if I want to learn to break free of all mental constructs and constraints, God’s allowing that, too. So why not?

If you take the word ‘allow’ and ‘allowance’, it’s like you’re given an allowance, a gift. It’s like God says, “You’ve done well, so here’s your allowance. Go spend it as you will.” That allowance is this greater capacity to tap into the Divine unknowing from whence all knowing flows. That mind set of the allowing is what takes one into the Divine unknowing. You become absolutely neutral and, all of a sudden, knowing comes present.

Do you know what will move against it? The prejudices in the mind, the ego, and the conceptualizations we have in which we make things good or bad. All these distinctions are spatially and time-based. We get into those distinctions and all of a sudden we’re out of the allowing of God. The less agenda or personalization we have, the more we will have answers and knowing come present. The more we’re personally engaged, the harder it’s going to be. In the allowing, the absolute surrender into God, the miraculousness of the moment comes present. When you experience it, it’s, ‘Behold, I make all things new.’

That’s when there’s such a thing as spontaneous remission. I know one lady who was told she had cancer and that there was no cure for it. She got her aura worked on, came back, the doctor looked, and there was no cancer. So why does this happen? Because she went into the allowing. Some people say God must’ve extended Grace to allow that. But maybe SHE extended into Grace, into the allowing, and, Behold, all things were made new. She broke past the conceptual boundaries of her existence in time and space. We are in a time where all the ‘rules’ are being broken.

These kinds of things can open when you go into allowing and don’t have the hidden boundaries of what’s possible to know, which then becomes what’s possible to manifest. When I did fire walking I did some mental exercises for an hour and a half and walked on fifteen hundred degree coals and did not get burned, even when I picked them up. I realized all I did was change something. What did I change? I changed my awareness state. I knew reality differently and so reality was different for me. I didn’t change my belief to be able to do it; I changed what I knew and then did what I knew I could. I experienced it, which led me to believe it could be done. Believing differently did not precipitate the change; it was a byproduct of knowing and manifesting the fruit of that knowing. It will be the same for you as go into the Divine Unknowing. Your manifestation will change and then you will believe.

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