Lift the ground where you stand. – Alisha Das

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2005, 2015

Announcing: Awakening Intuition & Inner Knowing

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  Inviting you to our new intimate class, Awakening Intuition and Inner Knowing! Limited to ONLY 12 in person (sharing) participants. We already have 25 folks who want a spot for sure. If interested, please email your intention to by this Wed, May 20th! We will also be live [...]

505, 2014

Everyman Atlas

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Everyman Atlas     You think, “I can’t do it, what if they hate me? I think, in-utero, my mother hated me I was raped, age 4, by a janitor, keys jangling. I am wrangling back my query to the apathetic, ethnically-ambiguous 7-11 cashier, “Please, just tell me who I [...]

1303, 2014


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Prodigal  Martyr, Predator, Loser, Whore. . . whoever is in you- gather them unto your wide heart. For ‘God loves all His creation’* (Including yours.) While you rushed out to live the good life the parts of you that weren’t good enough slipped out the back and suited up in [...]

603, 2014


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LoverushIt quiets, slows, and then obediently disappears- the busy, strident world- when I gaze into the ocean of your eyes. Their waves of light unclench the fist of my mind. I rise up, enter you in parts. My thoughts adrift find sanctity in your shore; while the body of my [...]

3101, 2014

Why Work with the Angelic?

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To me, it’s more a question of if it’s working with you (and it likely is) is it the highest choice to become a more conscious participant? I’d like to share my experience with you. We, who are spiritually oriented, have had anywhere from most of our incarnations in the [...]

2301, 2014

The Archangel of the Covenant

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There are 24 Great Archangels that I have seen so far out of a few hundred Archangels (and trillions of angels). They are quite rarified. One of them gave its name to me as The Archangel of the Covenant. In my experience, this one reaches into places within each of [...]