A Bridge to Higher Consciousness – Working with The Angelic

Don’t Work with the Angelic? People often ask me why they should work with angels. I’ll usually reply, “Don’t work with angels, work with Great Archangels.” Please allow me to explain. While most of us believe angels are mystical and magical, it’s we humans who are actually the exotic ones. Angels predate us by countless [...]

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Why Work with the Angelic?

To me, it’s more a question of if it’s working with you (and it likely is) is it the highest choice to become a more conscious participant? I’d like to share my experience with you. We, who are spiritually oriented, have had anywhere from most of our incarnations in the Angelic to at least taken [...]

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The Archangel of the Covenant

There are 24 Great Archangels that I have seen so far out of a few hundred Archangels (and trillions of angels). They are quite rarified. One of them gave its name to me as The Archangel of the Covenant. In my experience, this one reaches into places within each of us that seem empty. Of [...]

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