Spiritual Awakening Opportunities of COVID-19-What do Atlantis Rising, Clearing Planetary Grief, Einstein, 5G, & Aliens (?) have in Common?

Interviewer: What’s the spiritual opportunity of Covid-19? Alisha: In my experience, illness is a message from our unconscious selves delivered by our body to our conscious selves so this is a time to inquire what that communication may be for our world. The lungs are said to be the center of grief so perhaps Covid-19 [...]

Free Event – Spiritual Protection and Clearing

Thursday, June 25, 6 to 9 PM Pacific Palisades, CA and Worldwide Online Enjoy this short video as a preview of what's to come. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFEJc-yzuW8 Learn about Spiritual Protection and how to more effectively clear yourself of undesirable external influences This class is by popular demand and is my gift to you for all your [...]

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