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Alisha Das Hayes is a Spiritual Counselor, seminar leader, and spiritual dance facilitator; she works with groups and individuals of all faiths and paths to transform their lives, and guide them to recognizing the Divine within. Alisha lives in Los Angeles and works throughout the world.

Alisha Das Hayes, DSS, an Ordained Minister, completed two Masters Degree programs in Psychology at The University of Santa Monica and has a Doctorate Degree in Ministerial Counseling. She has practiced energy work and ministerial counseling, specializing in working with the Angelic Realm for two decades. For 16 years she has been working closely with Michael Hayes, her husband, an internationally known Spiritual Counselor, to refine her work with clearing and uplifting consciousness. She has a thriving private practice. She has also facilitated many Spiritual workshops and now participates in presenting Awake To Love events with Michael.

She also founded and facilitates Soul Dance, which has offered spiritually uplifting and awakened dance events in Los Angeles and Santa Monica every month non- stop for over a decade. She’s worked with groups all ages from children to senior citizens with organizations all over Los Angeles. Soul Dance has also been held in North Carolina and South America. She donated 100% of the proceeds to charity. She has also facilitated several benefits for Charity.

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I have had the privilege of working with many masters in the healing arts. My work with Alisha is, BY FAR, some of the most powerful! I literally feel like a different person as a result of our work together. If you care about your health, wealth and abundance, spend time with Alisha immediately.” –Debbie Robins, M.A.,  Leadership Coach/Best-Selling Author

There are few people in any profession that rise to the level of Mastery in their field. Alisha has. In my work with Alisha, my awareness and consciousness shifted such that my growth was exponential! This has allowed me a life of greater joy and peace such that I fulfill my life’s expression more powerfully.  If you are blessed to get on her calendar, I recommend you leap onto it and into the Divine Unknowing of your truest Self.”  Stephen McGhee,  Leadership Coach/Author of Get Real

“For over 30 years, I worked with all kinds of therapists, but things never really changed. With Alisha’s powerful clarity and direction, My relationships with family, partners, my finances and myself are so much better. I am doing things I have wanted to take on my whole life but was afraid.  I am no longer looking through the window at the life I would like to have, I am living it!  When you are really ready to have the life you want, the life you were meant to have, call Alisha!”  – Jill Soffer,  Interior Designer/Writer

“Working with Alisha consistently has resulted in greater healing and blessings than I could have possibly imagined. I have propelled my career, relationships, and finances significantly upwards through clearing blocks and achieving greater alignment with my intention. I have never felt a greater connection to Spirit as I do when I work with Alisha.” – James Chew, Oil Tanker Broker

“I had started writing a book but couldn’t find the time to continue writing and was frustrated.  Alisha helped me release blocks from this and other life times that were keeping me from my creative expression. I could literally feel myself changing and shifting internally. She used a Gestalt process and that situation was instantaneously cleared. She made practical suggestions to assist me to write and to experience more fun and joy in my life. She cleared things from past lives that may have been blocking a loving relationship with a man.  I’m now writing more consistently and more each time I write. I’m playing and experiencing more joy in my life.  And I now am in a loving relationship with a wonderful man!”

Cindy Rogers, Business Consultant, Author


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