A Rare Counselor and Coach to facilitate both your inner and outer movement

Alisha is a rare conduit of Spirit who can assist you to experience, beyond doubt or question, your divine nature. In concert with Spirit and you, Alisha can clear what blocks you from seeing, expressing and sharing how the Divine moves through you in a way It does through no other. You will not only live your life purpose and goals, you may live into God’s intention of you-what you were born to manifest as God’s learnings.

She will assist you to revitalize all areas of your life, including transforming yourself and your spiritual awareness, life purpose, goal achievement, psychological healing, relationships, communication, health, creativity and more. Three and a half decades and thousands upon thousands of hours of intensive spiritual focus, higher education in personal growth and counseling, being mentored by true masters, attending and facilitating thousands of classes and workshops, working with groups and intimately, with one on one coaching has made Alisha a clear instrument of Spirit.

With that said, your sessions with Alisha is can also look pretty down to earth, with laughter and pragmatic next steps occurring along with the profound sacredness and breakthroughs for which she is known. She will assist to you find your roots as well as your wings.

It has been her heartfelt joy to coach a wide range of divine beings- She’s done programs (long term work) with Fortune 100 CEOs, million dollar coaches, celebrities, entrepreneurs, athletes, healing practitioners, writers, counselors. college students, folks in job transition. She works with individuals, couples, families and groups of all kinds.

Decades of deep inner digging (in an array of therapeutic modalities) feels like simple scratching at the surface after 6 months of coaching with Alisha. It’s akin to excavating an internal mine with a worn out map and a short range headlamp, and then having Alisha gently grace in and blow the roof off and let the Light in. The rapid power of transformation is incomparable.

Alisha is well practiced in getting out of the way and allowing a Host of Divine Assistance to come through and participate in our awakening. After my experience, I’m convinced true healing is not even possible without this. Simple scratching vs. clearing lifetimes of karma to finally be free of it.

Healing happens at the root, and Alisha has an extraordinary ability to take us all the way back to the place of origin, lifetimes and even dimensions away from where we were thinking it began.

You are more than working with Alisha, you are working with a Team of God’s Most Powerful Agents (Great Archangels) to come and take residence in your life and help you with everything (you offer up). My life looks nothing like it did when I began working with her. I’ve gone from trapped in a situation that was causing suffering to exuberantly living in Divine Connection (and a whole new juicy set of circumstances!)

No healing modality I’ve ever experienced comes close to comparing with the homecoming and liberation that has resulted from coaching with Alisha.

~Aubrie Woods, Trauma Coach, Mother

There are few people in any profession that rise to the level of Mastery in their field. Alisha has. In my work with her, my awareness and consciousness shifted such that my growth was exponential. This has allowed me a life of greater joy and peace such that I fulfill my life’s expression more powerfully.”

~Stephen McGhee, Executive Leadership Coach, Author of Get Real, Filmmaker of Climb for Freedom

I have consulted with Alisha Hayes going over 20 years. What keeps me coming back is that there is always a presence of love and caring in how she brings forth the information. It’s not just words, it’s a vibration. She has repeatedly brought clarity to the mundane in my life, but more importantly has also unraveled the unseen mysteries that influence my life and who I am, which was profound. Everyone who knows me, knows that the words grateful or gratitude are not something that easily roll off my tongue. But when it is warranted I am not hesitant to acknowledge it….And, I am so grateful for Alisha and for her bringing forward something I know no one else could.”

~Jim Rider, Founder, James Rider Group, Brand and Strategy Consulting including for Course in Miracles

Alisha brings a gracious Mastery to inviting one to self-discovery, expansion and far greater spiritual awareness. Her innate joy, caring and easy laughter make learning and lasting change seem effortless. She is a living example of unselfish human excellence

~Michael Livesay, Executive Leadership and Human Excellence Coach, Award-winning Board Chaiman, Vistage Worldwide

My session with Alisha exceeded all possible expectations. Alisha woke that kingly being inside of me that was always present but that I had barely given a voice. As a result I was able to lead one of my technology companies to its best scenario possible, saved our revenue stream by re-aligning the management team for an important meeting with a key strategic partner and gained a clear vision on how I´d love to proceed in regards of our KPIs. Furthermore, one of my start-up investments raised 10 million dollars in extra venture financing, in the middle of a pandemic! I am also loving again, from a pure and pristine place while being/feeling whole and complete.

~Carlos Argueta, Chairman & CEO at Alitia Ventures, Individual startup investor with a multi-million dollar portfolio, Fundraiser, M&A and Strategy Adviser , Founder, Chairman, CEO and, or, Board Member at holding companies in Europe, North America and Latin America.

Benefits to YOU

  • Transforming your Spiritual Attunement
  • Accessing your Intuition, and Inner knowing
  • Deepening and Manifesting your Highest Life Purpose & Goals
  • Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs and Thought Patterns
  • Healing Psychological Issues
  • Increasing loving and harmony in Relationships and Attracting Spiritually-Aligned Partnerships
  • Opening to Unconditional Loving and Acceptance of Yourself and Others
  • Reawakening Creative Expression
  • Enhanced Awareness of your ever-present Spiritual Support

For over thirty years, with all kinds of therapists, I identified beliefs that held me back but things never really changed. Then I started working with Alisha. I have been releasing those inner stories that have kept me trapped for so long. My relationships with others and myself are so much better. I am doing things I have wanted to take on my whole life but was afraid. When you are really ready to have the life, you want, the life you were meant to have, call Alisha!”

~Jill Soffer, Philanthropist, Activist

Modalities Alisha Uses

Spiritual Intuitive Counseling

  • Accessing Spirit to clarify and remove unconscious limitations and/or karma so that you may move forward with freedom.
  • Revealing the minimum information needed to clear past lives so that you may come fully, joyously present
  • Accessing your basic self, inner child, high self and soul
  • Explaining your Spiritual heritage and helping you to experience the Divine within yourself
  • Clearing untoward unconscious manipulation from others and any past life influence that may be affecting your forward progress

Spiritual Psychology

  • Recognizing and re-aligning subconscious, potentially self-sabotaging parts of you so that you are singularly in cooperation with highest intentions
  • Healing deep conditioning and unresolved incidents from your childhood which may still be affecting and informing your adult choices and behavior
  • Reframing as spiritual opportunities

Life Coaching

  • Guiding you beyond your resistance and fear of expressing your greatest gifts and talents
  • Assisting you to find and manifest your unique life purpose
  • Helping you shine Light upon your dreams and working on them with you, side by side, until they become your awakening reality

Archangelic Attunement

  • Increasing awareness of your own Angelic heritage and acumen
  • Facilitating you to access Great Archangelic support which can be a great shortcut to greater God consciousness

Energetic Work (Work in the Aura)

  • Clearing and increasing the light in your Aura, Meridians, and Chakras

Transformational Programs

I am an experienced champion for your upliftment, learning and growth. My experience is if you have a deep calling for Spiritual and psychological transformation, long-term achievement of goals, and measurable behavioral change, you need to make a consistent commitment to yourself over time. If we are a fit to work together, I will be your partner whose only agenda is your success on all levels.  I will hold an unflagging vision of your highest evolution and keep calling you into it.

Program clients excitedly report seemingly miraculous changes both during the sessions and in the time between sessions as well. They share that they feel they are being worked with and supported all the time during their program months.

The work that goes on when you make this kind of commitment and statement to yourself is the best kind of miracle for it is comprehensible and repeatable.  You will live into the life you had before only dreamed possible.

Transformational Program fees depend upon on the number of sessions and length of sessions in the program designed for you.  You will receive a discount for more time purchased. Programs typically run 3, 6 or 12 months and sessions are weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We will determine together what program best fits your needs.

Alisha is available for email support, texts, and occasional spot calls in between sessions for 3 month or longer programs.

If you are seriously interested in a 3 month or longer program, please book a single session to try the work and let me know to schedule some extra time to talk about a program after your first session. If you choose into a program, I will apply the cost of your first session to the program.

As a coach working with senior teams of Fortune 100 companies across the world, I chose to coach with Alisha because of her solid intention to help clients become more attuned to their true essence and her refined ability to empower self-transformation. Rarely do I see these two coaching competencies so masterfully combined in one person. She is helping me change, grow, and expand in tangible ways. Credibility is probably the best passport any coach can get to serve in the business world.

~Marcos Cajina, Ed. D, DSS. Seven times recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award at the IE-Business School

One session with Alisha brought the inner peace I had dreamed of. I have been sailing VERY smoothly and successfully ever since. I have needed no other readings or counseling with anyone for a year since then. The lifetime we worked on seems to have been the one that needed to clear for me to fully step up to the plate. I am having the time of my life!

~Nancy R. Harris, DSS, Psychotherapist

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Single Sessions

If you are brand new to Alisha’s work or you’ve done a series of sessions and are well along living your purpose and you want a reboot you might try a single session. Clients report astounding movement in a short time. There are very limited spaces for single sessions as we have experienced great value in a multi-session transformational program so that you may truly live into your heartfelt, soul-led life. If you’d like to get in regularly, please talk to Alisha about a transformational session or just purchase it here. You can book a single session online and if you move to a program, you will schedule your regular time with Alisha directly. Transformational programs (below) also offer a discount over single sessions depending upon how many sessions are purchased.

If you choose into a longer-term program (3 months or more), the price of your initial session will be applied towards your program so you get the multi-session discount with the first session.

Single Session Times

Alisha generally works for an hour or an hour and a half. If you need longer than an hour and a half just call or email the office for assistance.

Sessions are either in person at her warm and serene office in Los Angeles, on the Phone, or on Skype or Zoom or on another video calling.

You can book for a half hour, hour or hour and a half. You will only be charged for the amount of time you use. Her individual session fee is 5.00 a minute for programs (1 month or more commitment) or $6.00 a minute for one session. Â Sessions are substantially discounted if you choose into a program (one month or more work. See below) A first session is generally around an hour and fifteen minutes. If you’d like less time you can tell Alisha ahead of time and set a timer. Most people work until the light lifts until the session comes to a natural stopping point. Alisha will work as long as Spirit directs as we can only assimilate and integrate so much in one session.

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