Don’t Work with Angels?

People often ask me why they should work with angels.  My cheeky reply is usually, ‘Don’t work with Angels’ to which they reply, ‘Huh, aren’t you the angel lady? (a moniker I’m not sure my dad would love). I’ll usually reply, “Don’t work with angels, work with Great Archangels!”  Please allow me to explain.

While most of us believe that angels are mystical and magical, it’s we humans who are actually the exotic ones. Angels predate and outnumber us by countless years since we are actually a latter-day “experiment.” The Angelic realm is a parallel existence to the human—not higher or lower. However, individual souls in the Angelic, just like those in the physical, range in their evolution from recently incepted, un-evolved saplings, to supremely high, barely individuated Great Archangels (which would be like our Saints, Gurus, etc.) They are sourced from a higher aspect of God than others of the Lord’s creatures (like humans, regular angels, devas, etc.). According to a spiritual teacher, John-Roger, Archangels, and certainly great Archangels come from a level similar to the human soul.

There are few Great Archangels (less than a hundred) compared to the trillions of extant angels. A few Great Archangels, like Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, etc. are familiar to most of us; the rest are not well known yet but they are knowable (They are a subject for another day). So, what’s the value of working with the Great Archangels? To me, it’s more a question of if they are working with you—and they very likely are—does it benefit you to become a more conscious participant and co-creator? Please allow me to share my experience.

So, Why Work with the Great Archangelic?

Working with Great Archangels may assist you to awaken more from the dream of life into the reality of Spirit. If you are aware of their essence, Archangels may lift you into their consciousness and then up higher. They are a living, loving boost into the heart of God, a shortcut, a gift of Grace. They are certainly not a substitution for any other Spiritual presence; they all play on the same (God’s) team. They encourage you to keep going into the Lord as you can. Why would you not avail yourself of that kind of support?

Manifesting the Intentions of God

More than beings, Great archangels can best be understood as beingness. They are a manifestation of God’s intentions. We relate to Great Archangels as beings because we relate to ourselves as beings. They are not offended and will come in on loving no matter how we relate to them (as long as it’s in loving, as well)

It’s way oversimplifying but for the sake of explanation, we could say they store the learning of many beings (people, angels, etc.) of a particular intention for God. For example, the Great Archangel of Light is a repository of the experience of Light for God. We can call ourselves forward into the awareness of a particular great Archangel and then know more about the intention they are and/or are holding.

Thus, becoming more aware of the Great Archangelic may assist you to experience and manifest more of their positive qualities, such as spiritual attunement, loving, joy, inner knowing, surrender to God’s will, …the list goes onward and upward. If you are manifesting more of those qualities, how could you not be more effective and successful in this world, as well as becoming more aware of the next?

I’ve worked with countless folks wherein sharing with them about what Great Archangel was present for them helped them transform, heal, lift. It has made a visceral change in them. In these cases, identifying which Archangel was present and assisting folks to connect to that particular Archangel made all the difference. Do we need to be specifically aware of a specific Archangelic presence for them to work with us? Not necessarily, but in my experience, being more conscious, more aware of them, promotes exponential growth and change. And you can be more aware of them. Simply asking them to reveal themselves to you and being open to them can go a long way.


The Great Archangelic will often bring healing to you. They sometimes do this by helping you understand more about yourself and the spiritual opportunity present in any given situation so that you lift above your lower nature, or victim consciousness into empowerment, compassion, and grace. They may explain karmic situations to help free you of them or enumerate what your soul would have you learn in a particularly challenging situation.

Could You Be an Angelic Immigrant?

The membrane that separates the two worlds (our world and the Angelic world) is highly permeable—we (and they) may go back and forth. We have all likely had at least one lifetime “field trip” in the Angelic realm, and many have probably spent numerous and even most of their existence there. Some of us are quite recent immigrants. Consciously visiting the Angelic world can help us complete unfinished karma and retrieve any streaming parts of us wistfully casting our eyes to that place where our heftiest responsibility was to praise God whom we never forgot.

As humans, we can sometimes feel like a stranger in a strange land. Here, we have to pay bills, be on time (whatever the heck that contrivance is), set healthy boundaries (boundaries? They do not exist in the Angelic as they do here), deal with deceit and manipulation (ditto), and navigate many other obstacles that feel foreign to us. It would be like an American suddenly plopped down in Iran, not knowing the culture, and being expected to not offend anyone or be arrested, let alone thrive. In my experience, when we become aware of just how different our world is from the Angelic, we are able to move into compassion for ourselves. We forgive ourselves for being (seemingly) less effective here than we think we should be.

I’m an Angel-Human?

 In metaphysical circles, it’s widely accepted that we are multidimensional beings—that is that we exist not only on the physical level, but also on the astral (imagination), causal (emotional), mental (thoughts), etheric (unconscious), soul, and ultimately, spirit levels. I posit that most of us may also have an angelic identity as well and can thus experience the angelic level simply by shifting our awareness. This is similar to how we can be aware of our imagination, thoughts, even our soul, just by shifting our consciousness. Sometimes, accessing our angelic body can also take us into knowing Spirit more.

For example, I was co-leading a seminar and I inadvertently touched my co-facilitator to bring his attention to a logistic. As a result of my touch, he ceased being able to talk. His words sputtered out and he called for a break. Aghast, thinking I had ‘broken’ him, I followed him into another room. It turns out that my touching him had connected him into his Archangelic presence, which tapped him into a higher source of information.

When he started speaking again after he had consciously allowed his own Angelic presence in, the difference in his energy was so palpable that the room felt electric and the depth of his knowledge felt vaster than it had been in all the years he had been lecturing. Before, he spoke from his human experience; after, he seemed to speak from God’s experience. To me, it felt like we were being bathed in Divine love.

Pest Control

We are affected by negativity differently in human consciousness than in the Angelic. But negativity that is sourced in the angelic, (e.g. Lucifer, fallen angels, demons) may affect us in this world, too. It can be helpful to be cognizant of the Angelic so you can bypass temptation instead of being unconsciously affected by Lucifer and his cohorts. It’s easier to deal with the “enemy” when you better understand them.

Shortcut to God Consciousness

We may sometimes relate more to divine forms—Christ, Buddha, The Divine Mother, Allah, etc.—when we access them from the Angelic if we dwelt in the Angelic when we originally awoke to their presence. God is God, but until we awaken to the undifferentiated consciousness of God, it benefits us to have specific awareness of His/her various positive presences. These manifestations of the Divine are still (very diffuse) individuations and thus knowable. I have worked with clients who connect more to some of these lofty presences by going through the Angelic version of them and then on up into the highest divine form.

And They Worship Us Too…

Angels are born in remembrance and surrender to the Lord, and it is to this state that we evolve. As humans, we forget God once we are no longer a tiny child and we are born into free choice and the ability to co-create. It is to this state to which the angelic evolves.

We are born into where they evolve; they are born into where we evolve.

We are dancing into God together. We can therefore assist each other to get there more gracefully and expediently. Though we tend to worship them, they say to us:


“We worship you, Beloveds, for you walk in this world heavily sheathed in a dream, having forgotten that God made you in His own image. And yet, of your own accord, you choose to awaken, to love God and more, to love as God loves. Thus, through His human consciousness, the Lord loves Himself awake. You are not human; you are not angelic; you are born the Lord.”


Working with the Archangelic is not about going back to the Angelic to try to squeeze into our pastel robes. It’s about availing ourselves to the intangible wild freedom of their absolute surrender to the Lord. It’s to use to our spiritual advancement their sage counsel, overflowing loving, protective nature, creativity, and all those things we consider magical and mystical about Angels. However, we must not stop there, but instead take that boost up and, when we are high enough in our awareness, kick out the stepstool (Apologies to the Archangels for that analogy!) and continue on into God’s heart.

In my experience, Angels are not mysterious. They are ordinary, ubiquitous, and an immediate movement into the Divine.

And so are you.