Altar of the Mundane


Did the Virgin Mary perceive Archangel Gabriel

with spiritual sensing? Or did Gabriel slow

his vibratory rate so she, a mortal,

could receive him with earthly eyes and ears-

apropos for the annunciation

that she would birth essence into flesh?


What if an Archangel did so for you and you

could see him with physical eyes,

hear his voice out loud? Would you require

him to do something significant

to be worthy of your attention?

Would you inquire

if he had any special stature?


I mean, how high of an Archangel are you?

Are you newly minted and hovering

haltingly above the terra firma? Or are you

at the right hand of God,

leading legions

against the Prince of Darkness? No,

you would simply bask

in his preternatural presence.


His beingness would be enough.

As Jesus said, “My grace is sufficient unto thee.”


Yet, we demand more from ourselves

to merit wonder, though we are

spun from the same substance as he.


What if the thin membrane

between the human and angelic realms was torn

and we suddenly appeared

to an Archangel on his turf?

Perhaps he’d think us a Godly

apparition, too.  Be us human or angel,

if our sense of reality shifts, we are thrust

into spontaneous awe and worship.


But must we wait upon numinous

happenstance, grace, to awaken

to the miracle of the moment?

It seems our attention is appropriated

into what is loudest.


When we consciously pause

and revel in the quotidian, like

we would our winged brethren

made visible, we luxuriate

in the now, worship within the mundane.


As we love what is, God

tips our face to His lips

and spills the antidote

to Eve’s apple.

We die,

but only to this world,

so we might live

within the  next,

even while we walk the earth.


Now, you see, through burning eyes,

the Archangel’s heart

still wildly beating from bridging

the seemingly variable realities of

angel and human.


From azure eyes, the color of the ocean of love

and mercy, he gazes at you with unfathomable

tenderness. Waves of light lap upon the shore

of your awe until you

dive into the deep

of divine intimacy.

He worships you

worshipping him.

This must be how God adores,

at the altar of wonder,

all of His creation.