In these intense times, call upon the angels who figure prominently in what’s occurring -endeavoring to bring us into peace, into love, into God

Your guardian angel is always listening and is often just waiting for you to invite their assistance. They don’t impose tehmselves upon you but help is there for the asking. Archangels, in their infinite capacity to serve us in every moment also invite us into their Divine presence daily.

One of my simplest yet profound tips is to call upon the angels with your next breath. Breathe in their celestial comfort, levity and divine remembrance. Whether you’re frustrated by traffic or facing serious health challenges, nothing is too mundane or too significant for them. Take a divine pause, make friends with the silence, and allow the presence of Spirit through Its angels to guide you.

When you feel anxiety, concern, or question why certain things happen, call on the angels. They are God’s mind and hands, helping us find peace and understanding. They elevate our perspective, reminding us that every experience is an opportunity for learning, forgivenees and unconditional love. Everything that occurs can lift us into grace as we utilize all that occurs to our upliftment and spiritual growth.

Angels help us expand and lift us into higher perspectives. They are particularly close to us now, ready to assist and serve. The “Silent Ones”, who rarely appear, are here because our light is needed on the planet. It is God’s light working through us to bring more light into the world.

While angels do not interfere with free will, they intervene in subtle ways, guiding us towards love and light. They speak love into us, our planet, and our leaders. We can call upon them to bless us, to help end hate. Pray to God, knowing that angels often carry His answers to us.

Remember, each of us has an angelic self within. By choosing love and light in each moment, we allow divine love to enter our planet more profoundly through us. As you state your intentions and prayers, angels amplify them. Archangel Sandalphon is said to particularly carry your prayers to Heaven.

Let’s all choose love and light right now. Please say out loud if you would, “I choose love. I am made of Light. I am one with God, and I allow that love to enter our planet in a greater way through me.”

You are an angel,