Transcript “Beyond the 8th Chakra” Live Stream, Saturday Sep 3  2022

We’re going to open now and ask that any negativity, karma, resistance and balance be taken and transmuted now, and during this stream, and even after for those watching after.

Let it all go and be open to miracles.

Sometimes all we need to do is open our hands and allow Spirit to take the thing from us, that secret hurt, that niggling resistance. Cup your hands in front of you (like you’re going to take a big drink of water) and place the thing in there that you are ready to let go of – that fear, that worry, that karma, that attachment.  Close your hands tied around the cup tight, tight, tight.

On the count of three lift it up to Spirit and let it go. One, two, three.  Let it go. It goes up into the Light and is transmuted.

Now  come into your heart.  Place your hands on your heart.  Connect to your heart.  Press down upon your heart and really feel your humanity, open to your humanity now sending  deep empathy all through you. This is not an easy level.

Open your awareness and your heart and feel your heart connecting to each one present. Reopened in every way, into the Light of the Holy Spirit, and feel upon your heart your hands, and upon your hands the hands of a Spiritual presence that you Love so much, that you sense is here now with you and you know who that is. You feel their hands on your heart, bringing healing to that 4th chakra.  Let it go BeLoveds.  Feel what you feel. Open your awareness. Feel your heart connected now to each one present. We are together.

On the count of three we are going to all breathe in together.  Breathe in Love right into your heart, universal Love, personal Love, breathe it in. As you exhale that Love amplifies, goes through you, from you, returns to you. Beautiful.  Release your hands as we open in every way into the Light of the Holy Spirit asking the Light that only the highest good come forward and that each one present be even greater conduits, conduits of divine intent of holy Love of Light as we open in every way to the Great Archangels, the Christ, the Traveler, by whatever name you know Spirit.  Call yourself forward into that receptivity to Spiritual presence and assistance.

We’ll take just a moment now. If there’s someone you know who is not well or some concern you have, we’re just going to send the Light to that and if you’re in a space where you can do so, say that name out loud.  Or it could be a situation.  Just say it out loud into your space. If you’re not alone and you want to say it inside, do that.

Father Mother God we ask that all those people and situations be placed in the Light.  Everyone send the Light to everyone else’s concerns, all for the highest good.  Each one be blessed and sanctified and lifted up to the Light and so be it.  Amen.  Baruch Bashan which means the blessings already are.

We will chant Ani Hu out loud if you’re willing, especially the people here and in your own space.  Let your neighbours hear you.  Beautiful.

I am not going to speak very long so we can more have an experience.

What do we mean by chakras?

Of course there’s the first chakra, root chakra, survival so if you have issues coming up sometimes it can be very helpful to clear from the chakras.

Second chakra (I did say this was a speed through!)  is the chakra of relationships, relationships. So you know, of course these things can manifest physically so if you’re having stomach issues you may look to what is it a relationship issue with myself or with another.

Third chakra is the hara, the will, the sense of identity. This is solar plexus

Fourth chakra is the Heart Chakra. Heart Chakra is, of course, the chakra of Love.

Fifth chakra is throat and that’s expression. So you’ll notice sometimes you’ll be wanting to say something to someone and you’ll feel your throat tightene, especially if it’s emotional.  It  can help to just put your hand there and see what is it that my body is telling me? Sore throats, that kind of thing, can be about what am I afraid? What truth am I afraid to express?  It can be very much like there’s something I’m being called forward to share with the world and I’m choking back.

Sixth chakra is third eye.  While I’m doing the chakras I ask that you please send Love and Light to your chakras. We’re going to do a meditation at the end where we’ll do that. Right now I’m doing a speed drill because I want to get to the higher chakras.  Put your hand on each one and see Light through each one and then a beautiful cord of Light through each one lifting up.

Seventh chakra is the crown chakra, top of the head and that is where we lift up into the Eighth chakra and beyond which is the realms of Light, the higher realms.

That is more what we’re going to talk about today. Be aware now of rooms.

First ground.

Drop a grounding cord. That’s a cord of Light.  It could look like a rope of Light.  It could look like roots, deep roots.  We’re deeply rooted so that we can soar. So drop a grounding cord from your root chakra into the centre of the earth and to the core where the Christed orb is and just see yourself deeply rooted and held by mother Gaia, by the Earth and growing things.  Perhaps you bend your knees and feel that earth beneath you and notice if you don’t feel a little more calm, more held,  We forget to ground. So just connect in deeply into the earth.

Now, be aware of the Light flowing from that place in the Earth up through each of the chakras, bringing healing, bringing Love through the crown chakra.  Again we’re going to do an experience of this.  Be aware is there any area where I feel blocked, where I feel stuck, where I have physical ailments that are just not explained? Medically? Be aware of that. If you have questions about that that you want to put it in the chat, feel free and we can look at that.

We are going to do a meditation where we’ll go through and hear the sounds and the colours of each of the realms, so you can experience the physical, astral, causal and mental realms. Above that is the etheric, the unconscious where our hopes and dreams go to live or die. A lot of healing in the unconscious, you know, why is it that I keep doing this thing I know better, and I keep doing it anyway?  Often that’s something in the sub or unconscious. These levels are the negative levels.  Not negative bad, like you have a battery of a negative pole and a positive pole. Batteries doesn’t work without the positive and the negative.

So this is manifest creation.  We can experience it also  as illusion.  Ultimately, it will die.  This body will die.   This mind will die.  Our unconscious will die.  What will not die is this next level of Soul and above.

This is the first level of pure Spirit, this is the positive.

Now above that are 27 levels. The  27 levels that can be felt, can be recognised.  Spiritual sensing can be known. Lots and lots of hours of meditation often. In India, in the Eastern tradition, there’s something called the Sahaja Yoga, or the sound current meditation, where you have a mantra and you go up through these levels, to have greater awareness of them. Of course, there’s practices in all religions to have greater and greater levels of awareness more pristine, closer to the truth.

There’s three streams.  We can call this the Trinity.  In religion called the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost or Spirit.  We can say this is the solid impulse, God’s stream on the Spirit string, God to know itself individuated as souls and that’s the solid impulse and then there’s that we are created in God’s own image.  To me that’s not so much that God has legs and hair.  It is more that we have autonomy, we have free choice. God created us and in a moment of stunning faith allowed us to have free choice.  Free will.  Well not really free will but to choose back into that divine remembrance or not.   Then there’s the Spirit stream, the essence, the undifferentiated consciousness, where we experience being one with all.  That oneness in the God stream, it’s more of that Love, we feel that personal relationship it’s more the Love this the Spirit, is more mature, it’s more than the Beloved in the Spirit stream.  It is more the soul like impulse, it’s the Lover.

In the 27 levels above Soul you’ve got to drop all your reference points, you’ve even got to drop the reference point of your soul. Then you travel as the undifferentiated consciousness and sometimes, often, that can be terrifying, at first to our ego, because our ego has to die. Not only our ego has to die but as we get higher, even our Soul has to let go into that vaster Spiritual reality. And then we don’t exist. And then we are one with all but levels of resistance come up. And those levels of resistance are not our enemy. Those levels of resistance are being educated to sacrifice and surrender into that which we really are.  It’s more accurate to say we are being educated through our resistance. We are being strengthened by allowing and choosing into releasing the resistance, the ego, the reference points, especially the control.  As we sacrifice all of that we grow, grow, regrow and move up the levels.  We start to experience the living God.  Se start to experience Spirit, know the Soul impulse.