There is a great Archangel of unification which I’ve nicknamed David. Their name closer to the Angelic language is Da Ah Vi ah Da Ah I El. Angels are formless, they can seem to come in on a color to assist us to identify them. David’s color is…the rainbow. He/She (In my experience, angels do NOT have gender but can seem more masculine or feminine. You decide what David is for you) brings all races, creeds, colors, religions, cultures, genders into oneness, harmony, divine loving.

Here is David’s Message and Blessing:We, Archangels, are literally laying ourselves (our consciousness, and what you might call our bodies) across from one warring faction to the other. We reside within a vision of what is the same within each-from the same pain to the same strength, for example, that of persistence, stalwartness, etc. We chant into their consciousness (whether they hear it or not) that they are made of the same substance of the divine.

All humanity is humane at its core but it doesn’t always express that way. We wrap around you-remembering you to the source of your existence, reminding you that you are eminently in the midst of your Mother Father God. You remember us to the bravery of free choice. As one, we humans and Angels, are God, conscious.

Lord God/Goddess, may we know that you bind all wounding that occurs when we forget who we are. May you stretch across and comfort with your Spirit all those hurting now because of the egregious ignorance of harming another because of the beautiful color of their skin or the variance of their culture. They sleep deeply. They are being awakened now by the insistent song of the peaceful crowd reminding them love is not weak; caring is not soft only; compassion is the strongest substance in the Universe

May those who have been recipients of hate for any reason-race, creed, color, culture… know that the Lord, that we, angels, surround them always, holding the vision of their wholeness and their redemption.

Remember us, Divinity, to the essence that is the spaciousness of us. That we see the matter, the outside as ever smaller, disappearing into the only reality of one love.