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1501, 2021

Altar of the Mundane

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Altar of the Mundane   Did the Virgin Mary perceive Archangel Gabriel with spiritual sensing? Or did Gabriel slow his vibratory rate so she, a mortal, could receive him with earthly eyes and ears- apropos for the annunciation that she would birth essence into flesh?   What if an Archangel [...]

2909, 2020


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For God so loved the world She stepped down the frequency of Her song of love until we could hear the exquisite note of You, Christ. You wore this chain-mail body like a robe of light. sweeping earth into heaven in your wake. Upon the fist of judgment, You [...]

306, 2020

Blessing of Peace from David, Archangel of Unification

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There is a great Archangel of unification which I've nicknamed David. Their name closer to the Angelic language is Da Ah Vi ah Da Ah I El. Angels are formless, they can seem to come in on a color to assist us to identify them. David's color is...the rainbow. [...]

2704, 2020

Spiritual Awakening Opportunities of COVID-19-What do Atlantis Rising, Clearing Planetary Grief, Einstein, 5G, & Aliens (?) have in Common?

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Interviewer: What's the spiritual opportunity of Covid-19? Alisha: In my experience, illness is a message from our unconscious selves delivered by our body to our conscious selves so this is a time to inquire what that communication may be for our world. The lungs are said to be the center [...]

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