“Your Archangelic Ancestry” – an intimate introduction

Awaken Spiritually with an Archangelic Assist – Free Toolkit 

Get an exclusive manual, 3 tutorial videos, 3 meditations and first notice of my new book with Hay House to support your Angelic and Spiritual Awakening

Exclusive Manual

Guide to connect with your Guardian Angels Instantly

3 Video Tutorials

Bridge to Higher Consciousness – Why Access the Great Archangelic?

Clearing for Light Workers – An exploration and Easy Techniques

Experience an Archangelic Being that can Take You Beyond Time & Space

3 Meditations

Meditation to 6 Beloved Great Archangels

Message from Mary Magdalene

Diamond White Light Clearing Technique & Visual Bliss

New Book

First notice of my new book with Hay House

My Hay House Book – A Sample

This world is not easy. That’s why even the Archangels bend a knee to you.

As you stand tall in your higher nature, I believe you are as elevated as the Angels and even as the Archangels. Who better to assist you to soar to the “better angels of your nature” than…Angels?  This book will tell you how.

You may sometimes find it challenging to love living on Earth with your sensitivity. Maybe it’s difficult to discern the highest truth within when the sources of your inner counsel are as varied as people on the street. One voice is like a near-silent guru. You must lean close to hear his guidance amidst jostling familial and societal chatter. Another is an Armani-clad, perfect-haired seducer who shouts into the ear of your personal hunger.

Maybe you feel frustrated because you know you have gifts greater than what you’re manifesting and elusive purposes deeper than what you’re fulfilling. You sense a heavenly realm shimmering just beneath the surface, but when you reach out to touch it, it disappears like a mirage. Perhaps you’ve heard the numinous whispering of the angels and realize you’re being called into your own wildly divine nature, that you can and must be a conduit of the pure stream of Light that flows through you, yet you’re not quite sure how…

If this is your experience, you’re in the right place. All day, every day, I assist Earth Angels like you in finding relief, release, and rapture as winged messengers of God walking lightly in the flesh. Your Archangelic Ancestry is similar to “Ancestry.com” for the Angelic Realm.