Eating Love – A 30 Year Study

I was barely 21. I looked around the artist's SoHo loft I had inherited for another month from my boyfriend. I hung up the phone unceremoniously dumped me and just stared at the giant oil painting of a very depressed-looking, emaciated child in a striped shirt. Why anyone would want that to dominate their home [...]

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Spring into Action-A Chat with Soul Dance Creator, Alisha Das

An interview with Soul Dance founder Alisha Das by Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens. Alisha Das is a professional spiritual counselor,  former DJ, and holds a doctorate in Spiritual Science. Sixteen years ago she created Soul Dance and has been facilitating these events twice a month, free of charge, as a volunteer. We recently interviewed [...]

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Prodigal Martyr, Predator, Loser, Whore. . .whoever is in you-gather them unto your wide heart.For God loves all His creation(Including yours.)While you rushed out to live the good lifethe parts of you that weren't good enoughslipped out the backand suited up in disguises hewn of your humiliationAfter your winter of sorrow turned to summer of [...]

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