Spring into Action-A Chat with Soul Dance Creator, Alisha Das

An interview with Soul Dance founder Alisha Das by Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens. Alisha Das is a professional spiritual counselor,  former DJ, and holds a doctorate in Spiritual Science. Sixteen years ago she created Soul Dance and has been facilitating these events twice a month, free of charge, as a volunteer. We recently interviewed [...]

Why Work with Great Archangels?

Don’t Work with Angels? People often ask me why they should work with angels.  My cheeky reply is usually, ‘Don’t work with Angels’ to which they reply, ‘Huh, aren’t you the angel lady? (a moniker I’m not sure my dad would love). I’ll usually reply, “Don’t work with angels, work with Great Archangels!”  Please allow [...]

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What We Can Learn About True Freedom From Ex-Convicts, Special Ops Vets and Byron Katie

Sweetie, you're not getting this. I could be like Hannibal Lector and bite a nose off a face. I could have my guys kill for me, but I liked it to be up close and personal. I killed pimps, cho mo's [Child molesters], dealers (the cops would actually thank me, give me back my weapons, [...]

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The Three Magic Words that Allow Us To Receive Divine Guidance

N.B. from Alisha: I edited the following transcript of comments from both Michael and I at one from one of our classes. For simplicity, I use the first person throughout. The subject is so vast and challenging, please consider this just our first blush of describing (really just pointing towards) the infinite portal referred to [...]

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