Spiritual Warrior

I am a warrior angel not a made-in-man’s-own-image, baby angel. I throw down for the up side. Too, though, I am God’s handmaiden, convening by the river, meditating in the peace. Yet, if what I love is threatened, I am the elf confronting the hooded goliath slinging barbs through a chain link fence at [...]

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How Things Are Filled

How Things Are Filled “Why do You need Mother God?” “Can’t you do it Yourself?”, our teacher asked the Father. “I’m not required to”, the Father answered, Spirit conceived an opening and that which fills it. A dance between the male, ‘making it happen’ and female, ‘allowing it to happen’ The Mother croons, ‘Warrior, [...]

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Altar of the Mundane

Altar of the Mundane   Did the Virgin Mary perceive Archangel Gabriel with spiritual sensing? Or did Gabriel slow his vibratory rate so she, a mortal, could receive him with earthly eyes and ears- apropos for the annunciation that she would birth essence into flesh?   What if an Archangel did so for you and [...]

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For God so loved the world She stepped down the frequency of Her song of love until we could hear the exquisite note of You, Christ. You wore this chain-mail body like a robe of light. sweeping earth into heaven in your wake. Upon the fist of judgment, You dashed Yourself -thus opening the [...]

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Everyman Atlas

Everyman Atlas     You think, I can't do it, what if they hate me? I think, in-utero, my mother hated me I was raped, age 4, by a janitor, keys jangling. I am wrangling back my query to the apathetic, ethnically-ambiguous 7-11 cashier, "Please, just tell me who I am!" On and on you [...]

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Prodigal Martyr, Predator, Loser, Whore. . .whoever is in you-gather them unto your wide heart.For God loves all His creation(Including yours.)While you rushed out to live the good lifethe parts of you that weren't good enoughslipped out the backand suited up in disguises hewn of your humiliationAfter your winter of sorrow turned to summer of [...]

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Loverush It quiets, slows,and then obediently disappears-the busy, strident world-when I gaze into the ocean of your eyes.Their waves of light unclench the fist of my mind.I rise up, enter youin parts.My thoughts adriftfind sanctity in your shore;while the body of my pastis liberated in the deep of now. Look up and I will rain [...]

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