Karmic Cycles Part 4 by Michael Hayes

Our 21st century world is engaged in an extraordinary upsurge in the use of advanced technologies. The pace of technical advancement is dizzying, with startling new developments appearing every year. From a karmic perspective, this is connected to the return opportunity for mankind to deal with the explosion of scientific knowledge last seen in [...]

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Karmic Cycles Part 3 by Michael Hayes

The hidden origins of the lessons of mankind can be surprisingly ancient. So the karmic cycles of the Roman Empire are being revisited in the United States. Undoubtedly, if one were to research more deeply, there would be evidence of how the Roman Empire was a revisitation of some earlier civilization and that earlier [...]

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Blessing of Peace from David, Archangel of Unification

  There is a great Archangel of unification which I've nicknamed David. Their name closer to the Angelic language is Da Ah Vi ah Da Ah I El. Angels are formless, they can seem to come in on a color to assist us to identify them. David's color is...the rainbow. He/She (In my experience, [...]

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Spiritual Awakening Opportunities of COVID-19-What do Atlantis Rising, Clearing Planetary Grief, Einstein, 5G, & Aliens (?) have in Common?

Interviewer: What's the spiritual opportunity of Covid-19? Alisha: In my experience, illness is a message from our unconscious selves delivered by our body to our conscious selves so this is a time to inquire what that communication may be for our world. The lungs are said to be the center of grief so perhaps Covid-19 [...]

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