I hope this finds you enjoying the shift into a transcendent spring-inwardly and outwardly.

Our planet is not only shifting seasons but also from the third to the fourth density, which is a transition toward a higher level of consciousness or spiritual awareness. Third density is associated with the physical realm and individualized consciousness, characterized by a focus on survival, self-awareness, and the perception of separation between individuals.

In contrast, fourth density is a realm of unity consciousness, where beings are more connected to each other and to the larger cosmos. It’s associated with qualities such as love, compassion, and understanding. This shift involves a collective awakening or evolution of consciousness, where humanity transcends its current limitations.

Said another way, this shift is like moving from a single instrument in an orchestra to being part of the symphony itself. It’s a journey from individual notes to the grand melody of unity with the cosmos, where humanity finds a more harmonious existence.

You’ve heard me talk about the role of the Great Archangels in helping usher us into a golden age and collective consciousness-all of which starts right within our individual selves. The Angels are very involved in the transformation of the frequency of this planet.

Yet it is not as simplistic as some people might think.

This planet is a school that is being up leveled so that learning can happen more gracefully, more easily and effciently.

The Golden Orb of Light at the Earth’s Core

If you could look Spiritually into the core of the earth you would see a golden orb of light that has been activated and is having direct impact on the frequency and the vibration of the planet. This beautiful orb reflects the level of the planet moving from law to grace, or from us moving from working out our karma, ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ (the hard way!) to our karma being balanced in kinder, gentler ways as we demonstrate loving choices. We could call this shift the ‘Christing’ of the planet-an opportunity available to ALL regardless of religion, culture, creed, faith etc.

This orb helps us touch into Grace, Angels and other magical beings (including other awakened humans.) There are different terminologies for it. When I discovered it several years ago, I heard to call it, “The T’whan” which means the grace of God or that which holds the grace of God. It’s a term from a spiritual path which is no longer on the planet.

The T’whan is increasing all the time in terms of its intensity and the strength of the frequency of the Light it emits which is affecting the entire earth.

Meditate on the Golden Orb & Increase the Light for Yourself & the Planet

Meditate on it and ask for guidance on it and you might come in contact with it. It will help connect you to other magical beings (such as other humans who are aware of their magical heritage: angels, devas, star- beings, etc. Michael says, “Many times my consciousness will be taken into that golden orb when there’s something particular to be done for the planet to hold more light for what is going on.” It could also open you more to the Christ consciousness and Higher Archangels that are connected to its purpose.

Please comment and let me know what you think of the T’whan, the shift on our planet and any questions you might have, or even with a heart as I love to hear from you.

Also I’m thinking of adding a second podcast on zoom so it’s more interactive and just me (no guests) talking about these kinds of shifts, all things angelic and most things spiritual. Let me know if you’d be interested in that.

All Love,