Call in the Light

“The Light” refers to the energy of Spirit that pervades all levels of consciousness. When we “Call in the Light,” we are actually calling ourselves to move toward the Light (because the Light does not move) and asking for the highest good for ourselves, for others, and for any given situation.


MSIA, or the Movement For Spiritual Inner Awareness, is an organization which helps people achieve Soul Transcendance through Spirtitual Exercises (SE’s) and other meditation techniques.


The founder of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) and dozens of other spiritual organizations, John-Roger was a beloved, longtime Spiritual Teacher who pased in 2014.

Basic Self

Consciousness that exists below the conscious level and is responsible for keeping the body alive. Can disseminate information from the high self to the conscious self. Different from the inner child. A sacred part of us that also can be run by ‘animal instincts’ or pleasure seeking.

High Self

The high self, which we can consciously contact, is aware of the spiritual curriculum of the soul (with which it’s in contact) connected to our basic and conscious self. The high self is responsible for feelings of love, elation, and inspiration, as well as the progression of the Soul. Typically resides 6-8 inches above one’s head.

Conscious Self

The part of us that is most aware of and captivated with the physical world. Can override both the basic and high selves.

Inner Child

Sometimes erroneously used as a synonym for the basic self, the inner child is a pyschological description often used to refer to childhood experiences or to memories of something that occurred in childhood; a repository of psychological unfullfillment. We can work to mature up the inner child so we are more present and in congruence with our current age.