“I was lifted into a joyful state that far surpassed anything I’ve experienced in this life.” – KT

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Large Groups with Alisha

Alisha Das Large Events
Alisha Das Large Groups 6

Alisha’s meditations are beyond the Beyond and are helping to transport me into God Consciousness to such a degree that ten minutes after the first meditation, my life had changed.

~Wendy Stretton, Life Coach

I was lifted into a joyful state that far surpassed anything I’ve experienced in this life. I have a greater sense of purpose and a profoundly loving acceptance of WHO I TRULY AM!

~Kay Turbak

I am transported to the highest level I’ve ever consciously reached when I chant my angelic name and my Archangel’s

~Stu Lichtman

OMG! Every one of the classes has been amazing and transformative. I am observing how easy it is to move through my day with the least amount of stress and anxiety (this is huge for me.) I am experiencing Spirit all the time, now!

~Judea Jenkins

Intimate Groups with Alisha

Holy Wow! What powerful classes. I experienced so much rapture and Grace in the Christ class. Archangelic support rocked me into heightened levels of love, beingness and self-acceptance of myself as the light of the Christ.

~Robert Brady

“The Christ classes have been spectacular! Alisha has a unique ability to convey Spirit’s messages in a clear and uplifting manner that gives us a tangible experience of our Christed nature. She has also assisted me to attune to my Angelic heritage and Archangels in a tangible and visceral way. Doing so is a source of Divine guidance, deep comfort and joy!

~Dr. Mark Holmes

Beautiful Faces from Groups

This series exponentially added value to my spiritual practice. Why wouldn’t you attend a class where you could avail yourself of the God-intended, pristine great Archangels, who love and adore you and are able and willing to assist in your transformation?


This class provided me with the support to know my Self in a new way, and to expand, in every sense, my vocabulary of the Divine.

~Johanna Jenkins, MFT, USM Faculty


I had an experience last night after class where I was lifted by Archangels and very high masters. They were working on the source of my chronic headaches and healing nerves from my cervical surgery.


“There are so many tidbits I learn at every class that I practice in my daily life in relationship to myself, others and living in the loving and joyful expression of Spirit


Soul Dance Classes

Workshops and Series

Series, Workshops and Groups Upon Request Which Alisha Has Facilitated or Co-Facilitatedd:

For Awake to Love and Live Divine:

The Consciousness of Healing One Day Workshop
The Consciousness of the Beloved One Day Workshop
Awakening into Grace One Day Workshop
Clearing the Way for Spirit One Day Workshop
The Healing Power of Spirit One Day Workshop
The Practitioners’ Guide to Inner Knowing Three Month Series
Awakening Intuition and Inner Knowing Three Month Series
Experiencing and Knowing the Divine Presence Three Month Series
The Way of God’s Remembrance Three Month Series
The Way of God’s Understanding Three Month Series
Awakening the Spiritual Heart One Day Workshop
Awakening to the New Jerusalem Three Month Series
Awakening to the One that Is Three Month Series
The Inner Workings of God Three Month Series
Accessing the Great Archangelic Three Month Series
Speaking from Spirit I One Day Workshop
Speaking from Spirit II One Day Workshop
The Way of the Christ Three Month Series
The Christ-Mass-The Path of Love Two Month Series
Living God’s Guidance Three Month Series
Opening Your Spiritual Eyes Three Month Series
Awakening to Higher Consciousness One Day Workshop
Exploring the Higher Realms One Day Workshop
Increasing Your Inner Knowing One Day Workshop

Workshops that can be Facilitated upon Request (as well as the above):

  • Meditation and Spiritual Exercises
  • Intuitive Health, Eating and Fitness
  • Identifying and Living Your Divine Purpose
  • The Divine Feminine/Divine Mother
  • Inner Child and Basic Self Work
  • Attuning to your Higher Self
  • Spiritual Autonomy and self- empowerment
  • Sanctuary Work and Soul to Soul Communication
  • Expressing Divinely Inspired Creativity
  • The Divine Unknowing-Accessing all Knowing
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Bridging the Five Worlds (Human, Angelic, Devic, Elemental, Evolved Ones)
  • Sacred Sexuality

Some of Our Past Events

Spiritual Protection and Clearing II

Saturday, September 29th, 11AM to 4PM

Pacific Palisades and Worldwide Online.

Eating Love – Dieting From Self-Judgement & Loving Yourself Healthy & Fit

Sunday, June 14th, 2PM PDT. (Online started at 10:30 AM)

Newbury Park, Ca 91320

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You Are a Conduit of God

Sunday, June 2nd, 11AM-4PM PDT. (Online starts at 10:30 AM)

16784 Calle Arbolada. Pacific Palisades, Ca 90272

May this open up a new world of light and possibility that you enter into as Spirit directs.

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Free Event – Spiritual Protection and Clearing

Thursday, April 25th, 6 to 9 PM
Pacific Palisades, CA and Worldwide Online

Learn about Spiritual Protection and how to more effectively clear yourself of undesirable external influences.

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Accessing The Great Archangelic

Accessing the Great ArchAngelic – Bridge to Higher Consciousness will be facilitated by Alisha with Michael participating in sharing. In this series, participants will be offered unique information about Archangels, some known and some newly known, and techniques on how to access them. Attendees will also have the opportunity to share with Alisha, heal and release blocks to higher consciousness, connect to archangels with which they have resonance, access their basic and high selves, and move into Spiritual expansion. It’s our intention that, by the end of this class series, you will be able to connect to your divine consciousness in a more tangible and expedient way, as well as have greater access to intuition, loving, peace, and other qualities of the divine messengers of God.

Inner Workings Of God

If you seek an in-depth yet accessible workshop on God’s design, intention, and purpose for each of us, we warmly invite you to join us for The Inner Workings of God. In addition to enlightening talks by both Michael and Alisha, class participants will have an opportunity to ask questions, share their experiences, and immerse themselves in God’s love and transformational energy. Class size is limited, so please register today to reserve your place for this powerful event.

Awakening Inner Guidance

Awakening Inner Guidance is Alisha and Michael’s final large event of 2016. Attendees can expect a revelatory, experiential opening talk, a heartfelt meditation to help everyone experience their own inner guidance, a brief group activity led by Spirit, and ample opportunities for sharing. If you’d like to truly awaken the majestic inner divine and gain clarity on things you may want healed, cleared, or transformed, don’t miss this extraordinary event.