May this find you dancing in your heart.

I bring you a prayer for gentling the Hurricane path, a gorgeous 3 min video wherein you may receive the baptism of the River Jordan and the Mother Ganga River (Ganges in India) with Indian Holy WomanSadhviji Saraswati, inspirational quote for emotional healing and a few personal pictures of the pristinely beautiful North Carolina where Joshua, Daniel and I visited my siblings.

May this week find you Living the Love that ends all suffering.

Alisha xo


Prayer for Peace of the Hurricane Hilary Path:

We open and ask for the Light of the Holy Spirit, the Light of Grace.

We ask that any global, or Hurricane Hilary path, stress, karma, or negativity that can be released be taken and transmuted.

We pray for peace.

We connect to the deep source of nature, to Mother Gaia and to the Devas (nature spirits) and Elementals (Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Ether) involved with the action of Hurricane/Storm Hilary

We connect deep into the core of the earth (which is the crown chakra of the earth) and send light all the way through and into all areas concerned.

We ask for grace

We connect, yes, to the storm and more to the calm in the midst of it.

We ask for forgiveness of behalf of human transgressions against nature. We didn’t know better or we would have done better. We are sorry.

We ask for mercy

We send light to all those affected, human and natural.

We ask for safety, stability, and to come into oneness and harmony with nature and with each other.

We pray for love.

We give thanks.


Nature’s paintbrush in the U.S. Carolinas this Week


The cleansing POWER of God’s Light


Did the disturbance start quickly leaving you? The Twaji, the gaze of God, and the Baraka, which is the Light, the Spirit, the love of the Soul, can come between you and that incident and wash it clean.


Receive Healing of the Ganges River-3 Minutes with Sadhviji Saraswati, #1 Bestseller & Holy Woman of India

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati and I discuss how you may receive healing from the River Jordon and the Mother Ganga (Ganges River) wherever one is Both share experiences with the sacred waters and Sadhviji tells the fascinating story of how the Ganges River, a Goddess, came to Earth to bless us all. Receive the Cleansing Energy of this sacred exchange.

The September 5th Live Your Love Show is with the extraordinary Holy Woman from India (and NY Times #1 Bestselling Author) Sadhvi Saraswati. Sadhviji is a renowned spiritual leader based in Rishikesh India. She is the author of the newly released, #1 best-selling memoir, Hollywood to the Himalayas- A journey of Healing and Transformation. Among many international awards She was recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for Service by U.S. President Joe Biden. 100% of the proceeds of her book go to charity.


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