Live From Your Highest Self

Who we are is divine and we can know that in an irrefutable way.

We are, however, distracted by suffering and resistance.

We are multi-dimensional beings and therefore need to address all levels:

  • Psychological: releasing past trauma, emotional reactivity
  • Mental: updating limiting beliefs
  • Physical: healing dis-ease through changing consciousness
  • Behavioral: replacing bad habits
  • Spiritual: clearing our karma and connecting into Spiritual presence and our highest guidance

In addressing all levels we can experience the greatest loving we can possibly imagine and joy that surpasses understanding.

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Dr. Alisha Das

Dr. Alisha Das has a remarkable ability to unweave the unseen patterns that bind us as she champions us to live into our fullest potential and brightest future. She helps give us roots as well as wings. She brings to you her expertise from decades of a thriving coaching/counseling practice as well as having facilitated hundreds of personal growth seminars. She has developed a unique set of finely honed modalities from several disciplines and that, combined with an uncanny intuition, and a divine conduit, is at once astonishing, but always rings true.

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Alisha Das Show – HealthyLife.net – 9am PST ~ 1st Tues Month

Healthy Life Radio averages over 1.6 million listeners and goes out to 137 countries monthly. My show, “Live Your Love” connects you to transformational leaders, artists and best-selling authors such as Marianne Williamson (A Return to Love), Dr John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus), Marci Shimoff (6 Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul books and Happy for No Reason), Alison Armstrong (The Queen’s Code), Katherine Woodward Thomas (Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in the One), Kute Blackson (The Magic of Surrender), Dr Shauna Shapiro (Good Morning, I Love You), Drs Ron and Mary Hulnick (Loyalty to Your Soul). Listen in to archives on my YouTube channel and awaken more to your divine nature so you live a happier, richer, more love-filled life.

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Bridge to Higher Consciousness – Why Access the Great Archangelic?

Bridge to Higher Consciousness – Why Access the Great Archangelic?

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First notice of my new book with Hay House