How Things Are Filled

“Why do You need Mother God?”
“Can’t you do it Yourself?”,
our teacher asked the Father.
“I’m not required to”,
the Father answered,

Spirit conceived
an opening
and that which fills it.
A dance between the male,
‘making it happen’ and female,
‘allowing it to happen’

The Mother croons, ‘Warrior, I will
hold your feet in the warm river of my hands,
be your calm when you fret. I shall hold,
too, the vision of your wholeness
while you retrieve the parts of you that have
been blown to and fro by
a changeable ocean of form.

Come, come
rest you within-
allow me to heal,
and embolden,
celebrate and amplify
you and your beautiful might.

When you believe you cannot
go on, gaze
into my eyes, see the pain, the ecstasy
of a trillion births and pull
from my strength,
so you know
you, too, can, you will
endure unto the end

I am sacrificed and surrendered
to God; by God,
cherished and honored.

Too, I am Magdalene
I loved the Father in Him completely
and He loved the Mother in me perfectly.

Oh, come, Magdalene,
Come, sing
sing to us how
of two, only One
was seen
that velvet night,
making love
to Itself.

Sing how the Grace
of Christ was birthed
through Divine
so that the creator
His progeny,
His creation