Our 21st century world is engaged in an extraordinary upsurge in the use of advanced technologies. The pace of technical advancement is dizzying, with startling new developments appearing every year. From a karmic perspective, this is connected to the return opportunity for mankind to deal with the explosion of scientific knowledge last seen in the ancient civilization of Atlantis. Now the final sinking of Atlantis occurred about 11,600 years ago but the actual timeline of this karmic cycle is tied to a progression through all 12 signs of the Zodiac, going back approximately 25,000 years. In this ancient time, there was an upsurge in the mental processing ability of mankind. Beyond the natural evolutionary progression occurring for the human race there were outside interventions. The most obvious one, (which is also happening now for our planet), was an increase in the visitations and contacts with extra terrestrial beings. Advanced knowledge and technology was seen and shared.
A catalyzing boost for planetary consciousness
On a more subtle, spiritual level there was also a visitation from an extremely high spiritual consciousness. This presence makes a brief special connection to our planet in connection with the progression of the earth through the zodiac, approximately every 25,000 years. Its special visitation to our planet can be understood first and foremost as both an assessment and a boost for the planetary consciousness itself. That’s right, the planet has an overseeing, evolving progressing consciousness and like us, it also receives assistance from the higher dimensions of spirit. As this blessing comes to the planetary consciousness it also overflows to every other
consciousness participating in the earth experience. All are blessed and lifted. Rarely spoken of, a recently used name for this presence is the Preceptor Consciousness. The Preceptor Consciousness has recently blessed the earth and all of us as well. It has catalyzed an upsurge in mankind’s ability and willingness to think and respond collectively and enhanced receptivity to higher awareness and guidance. This can be very helpful to all of us as we collectively re-encounter the massive opportunities and challenges that heightened technology will bring us, as it did the Atlanteans.
There are many areas in our human life that are being profoundly effected by the return of what we might call the Atlantean Karmic cycle

Two areas in particular stand out:

Firstly, there is the extreme development in the area of energy usage to power our emerging high society. The use of different fuel sources, from fossil fuels to wind to solar to Nuclear were all used to some degree by the Atlanteans. The Atlanteans also had misuse of their energy sources, including Nuclear war. Beyond this, the Atlanteans did something we have yet to achieve. They harnessed the power of Magnetism and were able to pull energy directly from the earth and the sea and the atmosphere itself. As we move forward collectively into the greater power of harnessing magnetism we will inevitably run into the challenges and temptations that the Atlanteans encountered. Hopefully we will do better than they did. The Atlanteans caused extraordinary destruction when they disrupted the gravitational force fields of the planet. Currently, we are trending in a very dangerous direction with microwaves and 5G (and 6G which the military is already using). There is a lot of scientific data indicating the harmful nature of these energy frequencies. Time will tell if and when we will shift to a safer form of this technology.
Secondly, the Atlanteans used technology and scientific knowledge in a relentlessly aggressive manner in the area of Genetics. They delved far more deeply than we have so far been able to and created extraordinary and monstrous combinations. Our myths of Minotaurs, Centaurs, Satyrs, Wolf men, Bat men (vampires), Wolverine men etc. are all part of our ancient collective memory of what was done in Atlantean times. A lot of this experimentation was connected to the desire to create better soldiers as well as greater strength and longevity. The fact that we are dealing with viruses related to particular types of animals easily jumping into other kinds of animals is also a byproduct of the Atlanteans breaking through natural barriers. We even have an animal genetically modified in Atlantis that is not only a primary food source for us but an emerging source of medical transplant, the pig. A lot of the fear of the new vaccines in many people is tied to the past life and ancestral memory of the genetic exploitation that occurred.

Where To Next?

Unfortunately, there is no dodging this returning karma and the coming test of how we will deal with this technological world. The idea that we will just disallow all advances in energy research or genetics is comforting but likely un-doable. The test is whether we can be collectively wiser this time. If we pull it off, and are wiser, we may reap incredible benefits, like nearly limitless safe clean energy and freedom from many if not all the illnesses that plague our lives.

It is time.

Let’s do this.

In Love and Light,


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