From Archangel Raphael: Dwelling deeply in sacredness is to live in truth. Dwelling deeply in truth is to shine a light on the spiritual opportunity present in the moment. Even the most seemingly egregious events are seen for what they are, which is the Divine learning, in part through us, as we navigate this world of illusion, form, and distraction.

You are held in the embrace of the Divine, of angels, of all manner of Spiritual support. This is the nature of existence–

It loves Itself.

It informs itself.

It experiences itself.

It knows itself.

It blesses itself

Even when it seems that people are coming against you, recall there is no you and there is no them. Therefore, forgive them, and thus you forgive yourself; forgive yourself, and thus you forgive your misunderstanding that life is anything other than an opportunity for God to live and love Itself through you.

All is well. Persist, knowing in truth that you walk on a cushion of air, of light, that will never, ever allow you to truly fall.

All is returning you to knowing yourself as the Beloved.

All My Love,