This week we allow ourselves to be blessed by loved ones who have crossed the rainbow bridge. This month is when my parents died weeks apart, almost two years ago (followed by an alarming string of other closer family members and friends). I share below a list of things I learned to support your loved ones and yourself in the transition process. The vulnerable video below was my first public sharing very soon after my mother died. It’s raw and not the highest quality but so many folks shared that they were able to connect in a very positive way to loved ones who had passed into Spirit. I wanted to share it with you.

Also following is a poem I wrote very shortly after my mother passed. I sat under the magnolia tree she had planted with her artists hands tragically twisted by arthritis and watched the white hearse drive away. My sobs turned to bliss as I followed her in Spirit and experienced the ecstasy that is life after life.

Please share this with anyone you think might find comfort.

My heart is with you,


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Ways to Support Loved Ones

Passing and Yourself

  1. Play music for them that they loved. Hearing is the last sense to go! They may be completely unresponsive but likely still hear you! Make a playlist on Spotify or wherever and let it repeat 24/7 softly unless you have someone on the phone or are talking softly to them
  2. Closure! Say anything and everything you’d want them to know before they pass. Of course share love and gratitude but also, any unreaolved issues
  3. Make their environment beautiful with things they loved around them, fresh flowers, scented candles etc
  4. Touch them! Sit and hold their hand, get in bed with them, brush their hair, bathe them, place light in their body
  5. Tell them, outwardly if you can, inwardly if it seems too much, that they are dying and what’s on the other side (light, loveloved ones’ who have gone before, joy, ecstasy)
  6. Make a prayer sign up list and have others pray for them around the clock
  7. Do prayer communion, or just prayer, in person and online with at least one other supporter
  8. Call family members and friends so they may say goodbye, even if the person is unconscious. Make sure they are only positive
  9. If the person is hanging on past what seems the highest good, call family members or someone they may be waiting for and of course…
  10. Tell them you and their loveds ones are well, prepared and to let go and go into God’s arms. Give them your blessing (and permission, if that’s appropriate)
  11. Sometimes loved ones will wait until all family members are NOT by their bedside to pass (because they can’t do so when they are there) so if you step away for moments and they pass, thats what they wanted-do not be upset
  12. Do ALL your forgiveness (mostly inwardly but outloud too IF that will serve THEM)
  13. Be peaceful and centered around them. If you need to cry really loudly, by all means do, but try to do so away from them. Silent tears may abound beside them
  14. Serve them-this is the time to minister to THEM. They need their energy and focus to cross the rainbow bridge.
  15. Meditate, prayer, write, sing next to them
  16. After they pass, bless every part of their body
  17. After they pass, connect with them in Spirit, very shortly thereafter.
  18. Be tender with yourself and allow yourself to grieve, to feel all that you feel. Grief is often evidence of love.
  19. Send them light when you think of them and also receive their light
  20. Be aware they may send signs and know
  21. Seek Support Groups and Community
  22. You have a special angel in heaven watching over you now