I hope this finds you feeling blessed!

This week we are chatting about purpose. To me, the purpose of all of us souls is for God to know and love Herself. It’s as if God birthed creation and then us to know Her creation. I believe we are fulfilled to the extent that we live into our unique purpose, realize why we took incarnation this lifetime. Sometimes that may be on a large scale, and sometimes very simple. To me, all acts of love are equal.

A few days ago I had an electrically inspirational conversation with Robert Holden, author of many bestsellers, most recently “Higher Purpose“. It felt like the Spirit or energetic of what he was talking about was coming through his words to bless the listener. It seemed that he was speaking from Spirit, rather than just about it. He was embodying what he was speaking about it.

We spoke about how to navigate the dance between boldness and co-creating our dreams with Spirit and then stepping back with more neutrality and surrendering to the Will of God. Because we know, of course, life, karma, has its say and so we discussed how we maintain a deep sense of faith and cooperation with what is even while putting our body on the line and being, as Mary Hulnick (University of Santa Monica VP and luminary author) says, “a half a shade braver” to fulfill our higher purpose.

Robert shared how we can orchestrate our life such that most (because we’re still in a human form) of our actions are in alignment with a greater purpose. So that what we’re doing is not just about getting out of pain, or to our own end. It is about serving in a greater way so that our life then becomes lived on a Higher Level and has a greater meaning.


Everything that happens to us is seen in context of how will this be utilized for the Greater Good. So it’s not so much that it’s martyrdom at all, or even selfless, it is about giving a greater context to our life. We laughed a lot in the conversation and already decided there’s going to be a part two. He’s really such an emanation, such a Presence of love, and he talked about how we can all be so. I really hope you join for this illuminating talk.

Live Your Love,


Orchestrating Our Life to Align with Higher Purpose

A few highlights:

  • How do you become that which you are wanting to bring more of into the world?
  • How do you become the Presence of Love?
  • How do you not strain? You put in the discipline but not a sense of stress or strain where you’re really in the flow of Creativity, the flow of Higher Purpose?
  • How do you allow (if you’re writing or creating, sculpting, painting, etc.) the creativity to flow through you so that what you are manifesting into the world (it could be a business, could be child could really anything in life). How does that come through you as a Vessel of Divine Intent?

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