I hope this finds you feeling blessed.

If you’re like me, sometimes it’s hard to step off the carousel of life and sit still and meditate! It’s even harder to stop our mind from spinning! I have found reaching out to Archangel Raphael can help and of course, practicing awareness of the precious presence assists greatly. Oh, and less matcha tea…you’d rather look at Raphael and practice. Gotcha ūüôā

Something I used to do is what I called taking ‘divine pauses’ throughout my days. I would consciously pause and just briefly invoke Spirit and the angels and be aware of the Divinity present. What I saw, heard, sensed inwardly. For what I was grateful. I would take a deep breath in and breathe in all the¬†love¬†of the universe. And then I would move one bracelet from the ten on my left wrist to my right wrist. By the end of the day, I needed to have all ten bracelets on my right wrist. I did not go to sleep until I did. It was a beautiful practice, one that is a part of me now.

If you have a challenge with spiritual discipline you might want to call on Great Archangel Raphael (The Angel of God) who holds the Intention of Sacredness, Disciple-Ship, Reverence. If you just don’t feel like sitting down to do meditation or spiritual practice, call upon him–you might just find your legs folding, your arms upon your heart, your head tilting up in communion with your Lord.

In the meditation below, Raphael encourages us to¬†pray¬†VERY specifically¬†to the angels in an affirmative sense of thanking God for what already is (because there is no time and everything is occurring now).¬†I’d¬†love¬†to know what you are praying for in this world of endless opportunity to express¬†love¬†in action through prayer.

Abide in Love,



Archangel Raphael Affirmative Meditation

Archangel Raphael brings a message for us.

“Open yourself and pray to God to bring you into greater worship and¬†adoration of the Divine. Rather than trying to will yourself to do your spiritual practice prayer or meditation, pray VERY specifically to the angels in an affirmative sense of thanking God for what already is.‚ÄĚ

If you want more sacredness, which is the calling card of Raphael, you could pray such as:

“Lord, Thank You for attuning, honing, and amplifying my devotion such that it is easy to sit down and do my spiritual exercises or my meditation.” And so we pray as if it has already taken place because there is no time, and so everything is occurring now. The Blessings already are

May you find this day a day of easeful sacredness with Archangel Raphael.


During the July episode of my Radio Show “Live¬†Your¬†Love” the divinely angelic Robert Holden discussed:

  • How do you discover and naturally, gracefully manifest your higher purpose, not just for self, but for the collective, for the Divine, so that each waking moment becomes infused with beautiful intention?
  • How do you become that which you are wanting to bring more of into the world?
  • How do you become the Presence of¬†Love?
  • How do you not strain? You put in the discipline but not a sense of stress or strain where you’re really in the flow of Creativity, the flow of Higher Purpose?
  • How do you allow (if you’re writing or creating, sculpting, painting, etc.) the creativity to flow through you so that what you are manifesting into the world (it could be a business, could be child could really anything in life).
  • How does that come through you as a Vessel of Divine Intent?

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