Blessings from Nazareth, Israel! This land is holy to five major religions-Jews, Christians, Muslims, Baha’i and Druze. Included here are musings about clearing karma for yourself and accentuating your dharma (divine purpose) as you travel, a video I recorded of a message from the Archangel Gabriel from the Church of Annunciation (where it’s said Gabriel told 14 year old virgin Mary that she would give birth to the Christ child) and a video of a message from the Sea of Galilee as well as transcriptions of both.

This week I am writing to you from Nof Ginosar Kibbutz, Israel where I find myself deep in Holy Land reverence. Sometimes you need to put your foot on the soil of a place to clear your karma in that area. It may be from an occurrence thousands of years ago but the area has the same ectoplasmic aura (energetic field) as before.

Land has logos, consciousness, sentience. You may suddenly feel ecstatic or funky and it will even out as you are there longer. Allow yourself to pay close attention to your thoughts, dreams, visions. Touch the statuary, the land, the plants, trees, buildings, people (appropriately! ), pets (ditto!) and truly feel into the area.

It will be consciousness expanding, revelatory. It will travel you to new places within and hopefully, clear any unresolved karma. It will prehaps reveal more of your dharma as well. Send light to the people, the place, to the ‘you’ that is activated in this place.

Do you have to physically go to the place to clear the karma? Absolutely not…unless you do.

You’ll know-you’ll be compelled to go if you need to. Sometimes it’s just choice. Always, the more conscious you are the more you can transform your experience of a place and perhaps, even the place itself. Place your love there and it will place it’s love with you.

Below I share some videos and illuminations. I hope you enjoy journeying with me.

In living love


Message from the Sea at Galilee

“Do not wait for perfection, for yourself to be a Perfected Soul, for your actions to be perfect, your voice to be lilting, your the words to be succinct, your schedule to be just so, before you are worthy of being a pure and true Messenger of God, before you say yes to the difficult calling of the Lord, before even, like Mary, you are willing to say, “I am a handmaiden of the Lord,” before you, like the disciples, will say “Yes” to following the teachings of an unorthodox Saint.

It is not that you must be worthy. It is that God, your Lord, is worthy to be worshiped with every breath, with every act, with every thought, with your beingness. The numinous, the Holy, is no less imminent now than it was thousands of years ago, the waters no less sanctified, the Planet no less blessed~in fact it is more blessed, in fact more sacred, because it is more evolved as time marches on.

Why? Because Spirit is ever evolving, because God is ever learning, because love is ever growing, because life is ever, ever uplifting itself. Start now. Start this instance saying yes to be one with a pure stillness, the wholeness, the Integrity of this moment. Go within, go within, go within. Find the still point and from that center radiate out. Be enough love for the universe outside of you, for the universe within you is infinite and miraculous. You are Infinitely Loved.”


A Message from the Magdalene Ruins in the Church of Mary of Magdalena

“The divine feminine surrounds you. Be aware that your beingness has the strength of the Wind. Allow the waters to baptize, to consume the fire of Retribution, of judgment.

Open yourself and allow the Sea of Galilee to release, to subsume all againstness, all that would hold you back from knowing yourself as the Blessed of Christ, as the Beloved of God.

Fire and Water coexist as Heaven and Earth, as the Sky and the Earth, as God and Hu-man but in the truest sense of reality blend together to create ether, smoke, essence, Spirit.

There is no good or bad. No judgment. No right or wrong.

There is only learning from it all, learning about loving.

Be fluid like water, but consuming like fire when you need be and sometimes you need to be strong like an eagle’s talons in your spiritual Focus. Go Within not without. Do not demand others see it. Know that who you are within is like the mountains, the oceans, the storms and the ports. You are Indomitable, indefatigable, eternal and infinite Who You Are is the essence of all that is.

My Lord came for thee, redeemed thee, sits with thee, even at thy feet. And so sit at the feet of he who would strike you down. Not as a way of being weak but as a way of being the strongest of the two, as a way of being One with Love.

love you. I am with you still.

This is my place here in Israel but mostly here in your heart.

Thank you for commemorating the Spirit of Love on this day of the Magdala.”


Meditation of the Christ

Inspired by Jesuriel, Archangel of the Christ & Millennium