Sending blessings to you from the exquisitely beautiful Archangel Israel who encourages us to claim our mastery and rise up into our unique calling. Please see below. Read a bit and then listen to receive her Blanket of Christ Consciousness (available to all regardless of religion or creed)

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May this day find you walking on sacred ground, wherever you are.

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Archangel Israel~Blessing of Healing of Oneness

From the Video~Please watch at least some of it to get the
Blessing of Archangel Israel:

This is the last few moments on the Sea of Galilee, shortly after sunrise. Before we leave for Jerusalem, I am sharing from Mount Arbel where Jesus gave the commission to his followers to spread the word. We hear from the monolithic Archangel Israel.

Israel is, to my awareness, the only country with the name of an archangel, which I had never considered before I met her. She is exquisitely beautiful. I saw her spread her wings over the many diverse religions that claim this sacred land as their own. One has to know there is something very, very special about the logos, the consciousness of this land that so many would claim it as sacred ground. So let’s hear from Israel:

“High, spread my wings

over not only this country, but all those who come
to bring a consciousness of peace, oneness, inclusiveness.
Thank you for seeing my wings,

which spread across this land,

extending to all those who visit as well as all
who claim it as their own in their hearts.

A blessing from Israel:
May the sacredness of this hallowed ground slip into the soul

of wherever you walk.
May the soles of your feet touch the soles

of the masters who have gone before

that you might claim as Christ said,
“These things that I do, you too shall do.
and even greater.”

May you claim your own mastery.
May you rise into the unique calling,
which the Lord has bid you step into

gently, sometimes silently,

sometimes loudly.

But always truly, purely starting first inwardly
and then reflected outwardly.
Perhaps it is a kind word.
Perhaps it is preaching on a mount.
You will know.
Please see my wings

which are at times tattered and bullet ridden, even shattered.
Please see them

healed, filigreed, golden, whole, strong, complete.
I will spread my wings over Israel

blanketing us all in the Christ consciousness.”


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Alisha’s Interview with Raquel Reyna~Aug 15


I was recently invited to be interviewed on this beautiful Podcast centereing around Human Design with my lovely friend Raquel Reyna. I shared about my spiritual journey. As well, we discussed how we can feel like we are so different from others and how we can resolve that and be true to ourselves, even while thriving in this world.

I also led an exercise to help you, us all, feel safely embodied, even while being aware of their mystical nature.

The interview is August 15th

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