“There will come a time when I tell you that you are not your body, thoughts, or emotions in the same way that you laugh when I tell you that you are not a pen…That shift from how we identify from this Hollywood way of thinking [that we are our accomplishments] of who we are to the Himalayan way, that we are consciousness, we are love -that’s the end of suffering.” ~Sadhviji Saraswati

Several months ago, I went with my soul sister, Heide Banks, to hear indian Guru Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji and Holy woman, Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati. whom I’m honored to have on Live Your Love this Tuesday, Sep 5th. Sadvhi shares stories and wisdom from being a rare woman in India to serve and teach next to a luminous Guru. The above quote refers to one of her first meetings with Swamiji. He picked up a pen and said, “You are not this pen.” Sadvhi laughed and said, “I know I’m not a pen.” He said, “You laugh but one day you will laugh in the same way when I tell you you are not your body, thoughts or emotions.” That’s the promise of spiritual study.

Sadvhvi is the author of the NY Times #1 Bestseller, Hollywood to the Himalayas. She is one of the most influential thought leaders of the 21st century.

Sadvhi is from LA and so we spoke at depth about how we can bring more of the purity and devotion of the East into the West. When I was in India years ago, I saw joy and peace on the faces of people who had little more than the clothes on their backs. Sadvhi spoke of women carrying firewood on their heads to boil water for dinner. When she asked them how they are, they usually answered something like, “It’s all God’s Grace.” I think it behooves us to use this as inspiration to be grateful for our blessed lives at a more intimate level. I believe we can experience more of the purity of the East in the West-but it does take conscious focus and a letting go of the story of what we think we need to be happy. It’s a seeking of Santosha, the joy of Spirit, over the happiness of fickle circumstance.

This interview was DEEP with mythology, metaphors and Himalayan revelation.

A few keys from our discussion:

  • A surprising way to daily receive the Baptism and Healing of Holy Waters like the Ganges River and the Jordan River.
  • Purification and liberation evolve in direct proportion to the depth of our submersion in the spiritual river, our willingness to metaphorically drown in the holy flow (give ourselves to Spirit) and float to our ultimate destination – who we truly are!
  • The body is our great blessing, a medium through which to interact with the exquisiteness of creation.

On Creativity:

  • How to first connect to Source, to our deeper nature, to allow ourselves to be written (rather than us writing a book, poetry etc-allow Spirit to take the lead)
  • Connecting with that divine presence and lettting go into the Divine unknowing is how true creativity flows.
  • From that connection we gain the courage to go on when it would be SO much easier (we think) to quit. It reminds of Great Archangel Michael saying that one gains courage when they know they are on mission for God…Sadvhi inspires and demonstrates for us to carry out our calling.

Please join us on September 5th and swim within the Holy river of liberation.

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Preview: 3 Minutes to Know Who You Are

I think of this analogy from Swamiji almost daily still-it’s that profound. From a viewer: “These truly are three beautiful astounding minutes. Even though, as Sadhvi says, we’ve heard it before, breaking it down and adding the pen equation really assists to bring it home through the thickness of skin that we relate through!!”~ Louise