I hope this finds you well. Bringing you a free guide to connect instantly to your Guardian Angel (s) and the first excerpt from my upcoming book!

As well, here’s a 3 minute video in which Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, Guru of India with millions of followers (he’s so pure-I saw him in LA) teaches us to end suffering.

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Free Guide – Connect Instantly to your Guardian & Great Archangels


Connect instantly to your Guardian Angel and Great Archangels with this free guide and video and receive weekly angelic inspiration and first notice of my new book with Hay House:

From Chapter 2: Sensing Your Angelic Guides, Guardians and Realm

“I see them with my bodily eyes as clearly as I see you. And when they departed I used to weep and wished they would take me with them.” Joan of Arc

Benefits of Fine Tuning Our Angelic Awareness

This chapter will help you tangibly connect to the Angelic realm and to your guardian angels. This will prepare you to accurately remember your Archangelic name and ancestry and connect to God through Great Archangels—not as a temporarily uplifting experience, but in a way that truly transforms your life and the lives of those you touch.

You have likely already experienced the joyous touch of angels. Now we will look at how you may fine tune your awareness so you may become conscious of them beyond doubt, like Joan of Arc was. The more aware you are of Angels, the more they can assist you, and the more they can work through you as a conduit to help turn the tide of the planet to light at this pivotal time.

Without awareness, you can be a light anchor or battery; with awareness you can be a light worker—you can be the light. I don’t know of a greater joy than being a channel of God. Angels are similar to Grace; we can’t control when we receive them, but we can make ourselves more available to them.

Increasing our awareness of Angels is like fine tuning to a particular radio frequency. Though we are not consciously aware of it, we go on faith that a signal is present. We hone our awareness beyond and beneath the static of our ego, doubting minds and interfering negative energies. We persist and discern until the signal comes in with refreshing clarity. This refines our sensitivity. As we endure, we are rewarded with beautiful, numinous music that stirs our soul awake. It is a matter of practice, but it is the best kind of practice. It is practicing attentiveness to the precious Presence. In so doing, we spiritualize the physical and bring Heaven upon Earth.

How Do You Perceive Angels?

The first thought of God was an angel. The first word of God was a man. ~Kahlil Gibran

Kahlil Gibran is perhaps describing that angels are more a wisp of Godly intention than the much more palpable, denser substance of which humans are created.

People inquire of me,

“How do I see angels? I don’t see flaming swords or flapping wings…”

I reply, “I don’t either.”

Since they know me as the “Angel Lady,” they look at me, bewildered.

I explain, “I am aware of angels as surely as I feel myself holding my breath when I focus upon it. I know more than ‘see’ angels in anthropomorphic (humanlike) forms.”

There seems to be a prevailing myth that angels look like arcane, gorgeous, long-haired men in dresses or fat babies with satin sashes and bows and arrows. And if we don’t see their “form” we are not seeing them at all. Huh? How did babies get paired with wielding bows and arrows?

These images are symbolic. I think if we do see the flip of a jewel-toned robe, the glint of a sword, the innocence in a baby, and so on, that Angels are trying to help us relate to them. Either that or they are endeavoring to communicate something specific using those images as symbols.

Angels are formless but knowable.

With that said, guardian angels often seem to present with some kind of form because they are so personal for us and therefore wish to seem more relatable. They are also much denser than Great Archangels and so we might perceive them as possessing more characteristics. The Great Archangels are close to pure essence—they are living bridges to Spirit, and so they do not have form in the sense we normally think of it, as in a physical shape.

We perceive Angels with “spiritual sensing,” which is far subtler than physical sensing. I encourage you to give yourselves the benefit of the doubt and believe that you are already sensing angels but are just bypassing their subtle signs. Let’s now become more aware of how you perceive them so you can amplify your awareness of them.

Take a moment. Reflect upon how you sense or receive Spirit, the metaphysical, intuitive insights-do you see, hear, feel, just know etc.? How do you tune in? That’s likely how you will perceive angels.

Do you see the supernatural via inner visions, dreams, signs, symbols or ethereal forms? You may see a glimpse of angelic light from the corner of your eye. You may emotionally feel angels- be suddenly moved and start weeping for no apparent reason, feel joyous, giddy or a deep sense of release of worry, letting go of tension in your shoulders as you utter a delicious sigh of relaxation.

You may have a kinesthetic awareness—a corporeal sensation like goosebumps, a fluttering of wings brushing your cheek. You might sense a reassuring hand on your shoulder. You can observe what your body does when you are most in alignment with your ethereal brethren. For example, I notice I tilt my head to the right when I am attuned to them, like I am leaning closer to hear their whispered counsel. So take a moment and note what your body naturally does on its own, when it’s beyond your mind’s control.

You may hear angels and their wise guidance. Sometimes you’ll receive their counsel more easily if you speak it out loud, trusting your attunement. You may perceive an exotic language, be it the Angelic Language or a personal, special language meant just for you and your Angels. You may inwardly hear their beautiful, celestial music. You might sense their presence with an ethereal smell, such as jasmine, honeysuckle or sandalwood.

You may simply know, or experience angels in the same ethereal but tangible way you know the existence of love or Spirit. You may sense them in the outer world, but more likely you will perceive them inwardly with your subtle, pristine spiritual senses. It can be all of these ways or just a few.

The key is to notice!

We are just getting started. Be patient and know we will practice a lot in this book. I will offer you links to recorded guided meditations. You will be well set up well to know your guardian angel in a more specific way than ever before.

© Alisha Das 2023

September 5th Live Your Love Show with the Holy Woman of India (and NY Times #1 Bestselling Author) Sadhvi Saraswati.

Sadhviji is a renowned spiritual leader based in Rishikesh India. She is the author of the newly released, #1 best-selling memoir, Hollywood to the Himalayas- A journey of Healing and Transformation. Among many international awards She was recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for Service by U.S. President Joe Biden. 100% of the proceeds of her book go to charity.

The End of Suffering! Brilliant Analogy from Guru Pujaswamaji- by Sadhviji Bhagawati Saraswati-

She is My Next Guest on Live Your Love-Airing Tuesday, Sep 5, 9:00 am

“There will come a time when I tell you you are not your body, thoughts, or emotions in the same way that you laugh when I tell you you are not a pen…This is from the profound Guru, Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji. In this 3 minute video the luminous Holy woman of India, Sadvhiji Saraswati tells how Swamiji teaches us to end suffering!, teaches us to shiift from identifying with “Hollywood” way of thinking about who we are to the Himalayan way- that we are consciousness, that we are love…SO worth a listen!


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