Sending a blessing to you from Mary Magdalene from Magdala, Israel on Mary Magdalene Day! Please see below. Read a bit and then listen to receive her eternal loving and healing energy.

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Lastly, a new radio show aired with the renowned medical intuitive and founder of the Academy of Intuition Medicine, Dr Francesca McCartney, who traveled with Kirpal Singh. For Self-Healing, check out the show.

May this day find you expressing, in the words of the Magdalene, the essence of all that is~Indomitable. Indefatigable. Eternal and Infinite.

With all my Love,


Mary Magdalene~Blessing of the Magdala

From the Video (Please watch at least some of it to get the Blessing of Mary Of Magdala (Mary Magdalene):

May The divine feminine surround you.
Be aware that your beingness has the strength of the wind.
Allow the waters to baptize, to consume the fire of retribution, of judgment. Open yourself and allow the Sea of Galilee to release,
to subsume all againstness, all that would hold you back from
knowing yourself as the Blessed of Christ, as the Beloved of God.
Fire and water coexist as Heaven and Earth, as the Sky and the Earth,
as God and Hu-man.
But in the truest sense of reality, they blend together to create

ether, smoke, Essence, spirit.
There is no good or bad. No judgment. No right or wrong.
There is only learning from it all. Learning about loving.
Be fluid like water but consuming like fire when you need be.
And sometimes you need to be strong like an
eagle’s talons in your spiritual focus…

My Lord came for thee, redeemed thee, sits with thee at thy feet.
And so sit at the feet of he who would strike you down, not as a way of
being weak but as a way of being the strongest of the two.
As a way of being one with love.

I love you.

I am with you still.
This is my place.

Here in Israel but mostly here in your heart.
Thank you for commemorating the spirit of Love on this day of the Magdala.”

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This show was stunningly beautiful and held profound keys to self healing. I had the privilege of talking to Dr Francesca McCartney. Francesca is a masterful, renown medical intuitive and founder of the 40 year strong

Please partake of Francesca’s wisdom and discover more about

  • Self-Healing, becoming your own healer when allopathic and even alternative medicine can’t find solutions
  • Thriving spiritually and physically, magically and intuitively
  • Effective ways to ground and thus clear one’s consciousness
  • Working with the Chakra and Aura Systems for healing

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