It quiets, slows,
and then obediently disappears-
the busy, strident world-
when I gaze into the ocean of your eyes.
Their waves of light unclench the fist of my mind.
I rise up, enter you
in parts.
My thoughts adrift
find sanctity in your shore;
while the body of my past
is liberated in the deep of now.

Look up and I will rain down upon you-
a warm and tender baptism.
Within this curving luminescence
we pour our cups of individuality
back into the ocean of Oneness

Though we will again take the shape
of the bodychalice into which we are poured,
You will remember
me into the deep.

I wrote this also in moments (seems to be how they come if I but listen). I tend to fall in love easily when I gaze into folks’ eyes – I’m not very discriminating. Young, old, male, female, animal, dolphin, ALL infants. I dedicate this to all those who have inspired me to love them without condition or governance.