Watch, Listen, Experience
Alisha’s meditations are beyond the Beyond and are helping to transport me into God Consciousness to such a degree that ten minutes after the first meditation, my life had changed.”
Wendy Stretton, Mother, Life Coach

Your visual angel meditation was absolutely extraordinary. The tenor of your voice throughout it was if an angel was coming through you. I was watching the participants they were spellbound by it. Quite profound.”

Nicholas Brown, Business Owner

“When I listened to it and watched the beautiful meditation, I was transfixed. I had a very palpable experience of being with each Great Archangel, and was able to experience celestial sounds with them. This is true, even now, as I am attuning and writing this.”

Linda Whitaker, Counselor


“What I am most excited about is that I have been having dreams that I can fly. The evening after listening to your wonderful meditation on angels, I had the most amazing dream that felt so real. I held onto a glowing blue feather in my left hand, waving it about, aware that it was enabling me to fly. I whisked down to land on the Earth to assist a few women, during which I could feel healing energy moving through my body into theirs, then raised my hand back into the air and began to fly again. It was a Soul Moment indeed!”

Julia Snyder, Student

The best meditation I have ever heard in my life is your Diamond White Light Meditation. Your Starlight Clearing runs a close second. I have been going to spiritual seminars since 1977. That was nothing compared to the energy and power I feel with the above. Takes a lot to impress me. Keep up God’s great work!”

Wayne Kitt, Business Owner

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