Watch, Listen, & Learn


“Alisha’s meditations are beyond the Beyond and are helping to transport me into God Consciousness to such a degree that ten minutes after the first meditation, my life had changed.”

~Wendy Stretton, Mother, Life Coach

“Your visual angel meditation was absolutely extraordinary. The tenure of your voice throughout it was if an angel was coming through you. I was watching the participants they were spellbound by it. Quite profound.”

~Nicholas Brown

“When I listened to it and watched the beautiful meditation, I was transfixed. I had a very palpable experience of being with each Great Archangel, and was able to experience celestial sounds with them. This is true, even now, as I am attuning and writing this.”

~Linda Whitaker

“What I am most excited about is that I have been having dreams that I can fly. The evening after listening to your wonderful meditation on angels, I had the most amazing dream that felt so real. I held onto a glowing blue feather in my left hand, waving it about, aware that it was enabling me to fly. I whisked down to land on the Earth to assist a few women, during which I could feel healing energy moving through my body into theirs, then raised my hand back into the air and began to fly again. It was a Soul Moment indeed!”

~Julia Snyder