Transcript “Nurturing the Divine Feminine”, Live Stream, Saturday July 23 2022

Hello angels. Thank you so much for coming to our live stream on the Divine Feminine. What a beautiful international community we have.  Let’s just connect in as we call in the Light and just open to the Spirit, open to the Divine Feminine, open to that consciousness that allows us to receive not only from Spirit more, but also from life, from the universe.  Let’s just take in a deep breath, if you would. Just close your eyes for a moment and open your hearts and just connect in, and just, if you would, place your hands on your heart. Notice you are aware of placing your hands on your heart, be aware of connecting to the hearts of those present, to the Spirits and the Souls of those present knowing you are in a Tribe of Love. You feel that connection all over the world, and to those who will watch later too. Just opening yourself since today’s theme is on receiving. Open yourself to receive into your heart the love that is so present for you that we’re not always aware of.

So this moment with both your hands on your heart, be aware of the hands of those present. Be aware of the hands of Spirit on your heart, the Divine Mother with her hands on your heart, both in front and back, the back of the heart, that sac which surrounds the heart is called the pericardium. We want to open. Sometimes we can hold our resistance there. So hand on the front and the back. Obviously, use your awareness. Be aware of the Archangel of the Divine Mother with her hand upon her heart, Mamaiel and another angel that brings in the Divine Feminine so beautifully, Ahsa.  You don’t have to know these angels, just be aware that they are with you should you open to them.

Be aware now, but drifting up in your consciousness to connect into God/Goddess’s heart to the heart of the Divine Feminine, to the Mother God. And just say your heart now “you’re safe. You are so safe, beloved, open” and now be aware your heart is opening so much it’s pushing your hands out and your hands are literally moving away from your physical heart chakra and out, and stretching out as your heart opens to receive, opening of the love that you are. And now, you’re touching the sides of the room, the city that you’re in, all heart, all of you is heart, all of you is within the heart of God and specifically the Mother God.

Touching out the planet, to the sides of the planet. Being aware too, as you drop grounding cords from your root chakra into the earth that you’re held by Mother Gaia, by growing things, by the elements, safe, stable rooted even as your heart soars into the heavens.  And we ask that that which is less than love, just be taken. Any negativity, karma, imbalance, and Lord, we are so open to miracles and we ask that it all go now, now and through this stream, this time together, as we open into and open to receive, perhaps more than we ever have, just that inch more of that consciousness, more into the Mother God, into the Light of the Holy Spirit, connecting into the Mother God in every way, every level. That secret hurt you have now, that secret fear, oh, just give it up to the Mother God.

Feel that Divine Feminine, wrapping around you. You may start to feel it as your biological mother, even if she has passed, or your spouse, or your girlfriend, or your sister, and then let it be all mothers, spouses, girlfriends, sisters wrapping around you, holding you in every way for the highest good as we place this beautiful stream into Goddess/God’s Light, into the Light of the Holy Spirit and every way for the highest good. And so be it. Amen.

And so very gently, no crash landings, please, gently allow your consciousness to come back. And if you would, go ahead and share your intention for today, your intention, especially what would you like to receive today.  Dream big.  Dream big, please, my angels. What would you like to receive? Emphasis on receiving. This is all about the Divine Feminine. It’s all about receiving today. What would you like to receive?  What would you like to receive today from the Mother God, from the Divine Feminine?

So your intention for today, what would you like to receive?  If  you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t get there. I think that’s a quote from Alice in Wonderland and, of course, we know that God is intention. So that’s why we start often with intention – not always, but today we start with intention, because today is about receiving. So what would you like to receive? Louise says love and new beginnings. So just take those in for yourself. So what would you like to receive today? Be aware of one or two words. What would you like to receive from Spirit? One or two words.

Place all of those present receiving what they would love to from Spirit and just take those two words. First cup your hands in front of you like this. Cup your hands in front of you. Place that intention in your hands and press it into your heart. Moira says self-confidence. Beautiful. Love that. Uli says trust.  Let’s just place all of us receiving our intentions into the Light being aware that as you press them into your heart, you are also letting your basic cells know. I want you to feel your humanity under your hands and if you have a shirt on (which you probably do), put your hands under your shirt and skin to skin, feel your humanity and say, “I am and whatever is your intention. I am self-confidence. I am grace, Light and loving from Spirit.  I love prosperity. I am divine, unconditional loving. Healing. Yes, I am these things.”

Deep breath. Receive. Open your hands. There’s a reason Beloveds that we open our hands to receive. Obviously, it’s receiving hugs. You’ve got to open if you want to receive but what it also does is it  expands your consciousness. It expands your consciousness. It says I’m open to receive. So if you’re aware of yourself being a little constricted. Somebody’s like, “Hey, I want to do this thing for you.” You’re like, “Oh, I don’t know.” Open. Literally, physically, open your hands, right? Especially if you’re on the phone or something and they can’t see you. I don’t know if I want to receive that? Yes, yes, I want to receive that.  So right now, right, open your hands. That gesture sends a message to your consciousness. I am open to receive.

Want to hear a dirty little secret? I will tell you my dirty joke – it is that we don’t want to receive because we have to let go of control. Sorry. I know there’s an altruistic reason we don’t want to receive, but that’s also the dirty little secret of why we don’t want to receive. We don’t want to let go of control. Right? So today is about letting go of control and opening to receive and coming into that worthiness to receive.

My Spiritual teacher, John-Roger said that people wanted to give him gifts because he was giving so much and they wanted to give something back and he was refusing them, because he’s like, “No, I’m giving this from Spirit.” But the thing is he realized he was not giving them the opportunity to receive. So where in your life are you not giving people the opportunity to give to you? We might feel like, “Oh, they’re not giving to me”, but it may be that we are being like this. “Give me more, give me more. I want you to give to me too. I’m giving so much to you. Why you’re not giving to me?” I don’t know if anybody else is guilty. That’s probably just me, but if that resonates, yes, I’d love to receive.

So angels, the Divine Feminine, why are we talking about that? Well, of course, we are very aware of there’s the Me Too Movement. There’s a lot of patriarchy going on. In two weeks, I’m doing a live stream on the Divine Masculine with guest presenter, Stephen McGhee because I thought I needed a man to help with that. He’s my soul brother for many years but we’re talking about the Divine Feminine today, the Mother God.

So here’s another dirty little secret. The universe, the world used to be matriarchal. Women used to be in charge like men are more in charge now. And sorry, women, but we messed it up a little. I don’t think we blew up a planet like happened in Atlantis, but it didn’t go so well. And because it didn’t go so well and we very much subverted men, then the tide shifted. Karmic streams changed and the tide went out for us and men became progenitors is a word I hear. I’m not sure if I’m using that word correctly, but the stewards of the planet became in charge, the leaders of the planet.

And so we’ve seen that for millennia, right? And now we are coming into more of a balance. We see that all over the place, with women stepping up in leadership, women stepping up in government, women stepping up in Spiritual roles, as Spiritual leaders, as Spiritual teachers, where it used to be only men. And of course, all gurus used to be men, women couldn’t preach and all that is shifting now, and of course you see a lot of it, with more and androgyny movement and more of the gender fluidity, etcetera.  This is all bringing us more into a balance of making it happen and allowing it to happen. So the masculine of course is all about making it happen. The female is all about allowing it to happen. So as we achieve more of that balance, listen to me, achieve, that’s a masculine word – as we allow and achieve more of that balance, because it is a dance, we want to open to receive and allow.

I also want to act in accordance with my intentions, get my butt in a chair and do Spiritual exercises. Exercise, take good care of myself, do those small tedious sometimes steps to meet my goals, right? But then I also want to then relax back and go, “Okay, Spirit, what is the next aligned action? How do I do from a place of being?” That’s more the divine feminist. So if you find you’re in this and I can certainly do this frenetic doing, doing, right, because I’m anxious and so I’m just going to throw massive action at it. That’s when you might want to step back, open your arms and go, “What’s the next aligned action?” That’s bringing the feminine into more of an openness with that masculine.

So let’s talk about it in our world. How do we cultivate in life more of that Divine Feminine? I literally just this last weekend attended a workshop with John Gray. He wrote “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” and then, I don’t know, 30 books after that. He started a movement, big pioneer.  I think he gets misunderstood because it’s not about that the sexes aren’t equal – obviously the sexes are equal –  it’s more about, how do I understand that other polarity? Because it’s just a polarity.  Right and left of a battery. A battery does not work if it does not have a right and left, a negative and a positive polarity. So it’s just, how do I embrace, understand and even celebrate the differences?

And so he talked a lot about ways to cultivate more estrogen as well as testosterone, which is great for both men and women. Obviously, women want to have a lot more estrogen and men want to have a lot more testosterone. We’ll talk more about creating more testosterone in two weeks, but more estrogen. So ways to be a little bit more open to that Divine Feminine, being a woman. And I’m a big doer. I’m from a crazy type A family. I run a business, take care of the household, take care of the kids. When John-Roger was alive, Michael was doing about 40 hours a week of supporting him. So I took over everything. Now, I very consciously have cultivated femininity, because it’s very easy to just get over masculine and do, do, do. And that’s been a part of my personality. So I have had to learn from people like John Grey, like Alison Armstrong, people who more are in that male-female education to learn to step back, open to receive, cultivate femininity.

And some of the things that produce estrogen, the biggest thing is receiving. Receiving from people in your life, especially the man in your life; if there’s a man, receiving from your partner. Receiving from Spirit. Rhythmic activities, this was kind of a surprise. Rhythmic activities like massage, of course, if you’re massaging another.  Stroking a pet creates oxytocin.  Washing dishes, I know, I’m sorry, I don’t like that one either. That’s why when we do a lot of … if we do any kind of embroidery or knitting or painting, these kinds of rhythmic activities enhance, create more oxytocin, create more estrogen, which allow us to come more into that openness to receive. So women have very diffuse awareness. That’s just a difference in how our brains work. So as I’m talking to you, I’m hyperfocused on you, obviously, but I’m also aware of the chat, looking at the beautiful comments in the chat. I’m aware of the dogs running around. I’m aware of my lovely sound crew, etcetera. I’m aware of Michael holding space.


So we have diffuse awareness. That’s just how we’re wired and men have much more focused awareness. I’m focusing on catching the sabretooth tiger, don’t bug me with your needs right now or how you doing honey, right now, I’ve got to focus, right? It’s really just being aware of when do I need the diffuse awareness and when do I need to hyperfocus and being aware of that our brains are wired differently.

So with that, let’s take just a deep breath. Let it all go and anything that came up with that talk of like, “Why are men so weird and why are women so weird?” Right? No, we’re just different. How do we embrace those differences and thrive in them and love them. So what we’re going to do in a moment a meditation to really open. We’re going to receive a message and really open to receive more from the Mother God, get some tips on receiving more from the Mother God.

This is my stretch. I’m going to read a poem that I wrote about this, about the Divine Feminine. And it was really a questioning I had about what is the Divine Feminine, how does that look in the world in relationship? So this is called How Things are Filled.

Why do you need Mother God? Can’t you do it yourself? Our teacher, that was John-Roger, asked the father. “I’m not required to,” the father answered. Spirit conceived an opening and that which fills it, a dance between the male making it happen and the female allowing it to happen. The mother croons, “Warrior, I will hold your feet in the warm river of my hands. Be your calm when you fret. I shall hold to the vision of your wholeness while you retrieve the parts of you that have been blown true and fro by a changeable ocean of form. Come, come. Rest you within. Allow me to heal and embolden, celebrate and amplify you and your beautiful might. When you believe you cannot go on, gaze into my eyes, see the pain, the ecstasy of a trillion births and pull from my strength. So you can know that you can and will endure until the end. I am sacrificed and surrendered to God and by God cherished and honored to. I am Magdalene. I loved the father and him completely and he loved the mother in me perfectly.” Oh, come Magdalene, come sing. Sing to us how of two, only one was seeing that velvet night making love to itself, seeing how the grace of Christ was birthed through divine intimacy so that the creator might his progeny, his creation kiss.

Can we assist the Divine Masculine? That’s been a question I’ve had. How do I help my sons, my partner, etcetera, to embrace more of their Divine Masculine, their beautiful masculinity.  I would say the number one thing is to cherish it, to not feel threatened by it.  It can get raw and intense, right? And it’s just like to feel safe, to bring up, to call forward more of that authentic power within us as women and in whatever way we need, to educate ourselves a little more on, how does their brain work differently? They are not hairy women. Right? If I say this, I would mean this but if they say exactly the same sentence, they mean something entirely different. So it’s really education. And then love.

I have another big tip for assisting the Divine Masculine men in our lives. It’s duct tape. I’m not kidding. On me, on me. Literally, if you want to get a man (especially a young man to talk) duct tape, right? Not too many questions because they feel interrogated. We’re not talking to a woman. This was so hard for me to learn. Right? We’re not talking to a woman.  What happens is we ask them one question, “Hey honey, how are you feeling about college applications?” They don’t answer us. “Do you need help? How can I help? Should we hire a tutor?” They don’t answer us. “Should we change your desk?” See, they’re processing it. They’re trying to answer the first question. I’ve now asked three other questions. They’re like, “Ah, leave me alone.” Right?

So duct tape. Ask one question. I literally imagine duct tape over my mouth and wait for them to answer and then ask another question only if you need to. Right?  Some men actually talk a lot, but others don’t. Actually, there’s a study that show that women speak three times as many words in a day than a man. But men, if you want to support your woman, let her talk, please. Don’t make her bottom line it. But for men, right? Give them space to talk. So one question and then duct tape. And give them time to answer. That is my big tip. I hope that was helpful.

How can we bloom the Divine Feminine – by stepping back and allowing ourselves to really receive from Spirit.  I call it a divine pause.  If I have an issue I tend to throw massive action at it. But, wait, first I’m going to literally put my arms out. Physically put my arms out, open, be aware of the feminine surrounding me. What is the next aligned action to do? Even a big tip, especially if you’re talking to a man, honestly, could be a woman, but you might notice that if you get … I get very naturally excited very easily, but do you hear how I’ve just soften my voice? And I’ve brought more space between my words. So it’s really allowing that openness and allowing more of the Divine Feminine to speak through me and hearing the words one at a time, as opposed to just letting my mind go on. So I call it the divine pause.

We have a quick exercise and our meditation.

Nurturing the Divine Feminine Exercise

Allow yourself to receive for a moment these answers, receive from Spirit. (And be surprised by the answers you hear.)

I am afraid to surrender and truly open to receive, because …

I’m afraid to surrender, let go control and truly open to receive because …

When I need to give up to open to receive more from Spirit and others is …

What I need to give up to open to receive more from Spirit and others is …

What I need to take up, what do I need to start doing or being to receive more? What I need to take up to receive more is …

I am open to receive, what are you open to receive? Let’s think dream big here. What are you open to receive? I am open to receive, what? And finally:

My affirmation for receiving is …   (This would be an I am statement) i.e. I am receiving …

Nurturing the Divine Feminine Meditation

So arms out, I am open to receive from the Mother God right now. Beautiful. And you let your arms float down and just place your hands on your heart. Just place a hand on the heart and a hand on the belly and just send the Light to your basic self, to your inner child at this time and just thank them for cooperating, supporting you to be here. And now both hands on your heart. And again, put your hand under your shirt. I want skin to skin. And be aware of your humanity, the preciousness of you. Yes, your divine being and you’re also human doing your very best. And so I just want you to say to yourself, “thank you. Thank you me for showing up and loving again and bringing in all the elements of the Divine Feminine, starting with humanity, personal love, acknowledgement, giving thanks, receiving thanks.”

Now, be aware of the Divine Feminine, the Mother God wrapping around you, often from the back. That negative polarity, not negative masculine, of course, that beautiful polarity as necessary as the Divine Masculine wrapping around you now like the most fluffy warm blanket. And you just say, “I open to receive and I open to receive more and more, Mother. I love you. And I receive your loving.”

And as she holds you with your hands on your heart, putting her hands on top of your hands, just be aware now. That secret hurt within could be from childhood, could be a past life. You’ll hear it. And perhaps you already know it, and just hand it to her and say, “Mother, I don’t want this anymore. I don’t need this anymore. Please take it from me. And we ask that any negativity, karma, unfinished business, secret hurts just be taken and transmuted during this meditation as we open evermore into the Mother God, into the Light of the Holy Spirit for the highest good.”

And just increase the Light now in your hands and be aware of that secret hurt moving into your heart, because we’re going to remove it now. I’m going to give it to the Mother God. That secret hurt, be aware of what it is. You know what it is. And you’re going to take your hands on your heart and grab that secret hurt in your hands and just pull it out of your heart physically.  The basic self loves ritual, and now on the count of three, we’re going to give it to the Mother God forever. Ready? One, I know it’s familiar, time to let it go. Two, I know it’s served you then, it doesn’t serve you now. Three, let it go. Give it to the Light. Beautiful. And just be aware of it going now and the Light of the Holy Spirit, the Mother God filling your heart, filling all parts of you, filling all those spaces that were emptied, feeling her wrapping so tightly around you and saying, “Oh my sweet child, well done. Well done.”

And now, one more time, placing your hands on your heart. You say, “Mother, this is what I want in its place. This is who I am.” And I want you to see, hear, smell, taste that vision of you thriving, loving, opening to receive. What does it look like if you open to receive more than you ever have in your life? What’s your life look like? What’s your love look like? Both personal and impersonal. Maybe it’s romantic, familial, divine. Just take a few moments in silence and show the Mother, she needs your blueprint. And this is I want, my life, my consciousness to be Mother.

And pick just a few areas so you can get very specific. What does it look like? What does it feel like? How do you feel? What are your emotions like? What are you hearing? Maybe it’s the sweet whisper of your lover. Maybe it’s an applause. Maybe it’s what a good job. What do you hear? What do you taste? The most delicious food. What do you taste? Ocean water and the Bahamas. What do you taste?

Lastly, what do you feel? Is it a soft stroke on your cheek? Lots of money in your hand. What do you feel? Beautiful. Now, I want you to take either lean forward in your chair  or if you’re standing, take a step forward and just scoop all that in, receive all that into your beingness, hug it in, feel the Mother unfolding you and saying, “Yes, beloved. Yes, you may have that. Yes. In fact, you already have that. It’s just not quite physical just yet, but it’s coming to the extent that you can keep holding that vision, giving it to me and opening to receive.”

It said that you receive. I’m going to paraphrase a quote from JR. You receive in relation to the steadfastness of your purpose, to the clarity of your vision, to your openness to receive. So we have a clarity of vision. We have a steadfastness of purpose, and we are open to receive.

We are coming to a close here, but just take a moment and again physically open your arms to receive. I want you to arch back and just say, “I receive Mother. I allow. I surrender. I lean back upon you and I surrender. I let it all go.” Breathe in her loving, inhale, exhale, let your arms float down. As you do, you feel the most delicious Light coming in like beautiful rose petals falling all around you, and just be aware of that softness, the deep peace of allowing God to love you, of allowing yourself to be healed, to be taken care of by God. By God cherished, nurtured, loved, adored, seen. It’s all present now.

And the archangel of the Divine Feminine, whom you can call upon, Mamaiel says, “My brave and sweet, sweet children, in flesh know that we adore you in each moment. We are in every cells of your being as not as infliction, but as in loving and healing. Call upon us and we will restore you when you feel broken and weary from battle. Call upon us, us being any Spiritual presence.” not specifically angels, it could be any Spiritual presence. Do you call upon Spirit enough? What is enough? Oh, each moment. And that calling upon Spirit will marry you into the Spirit within yourself so that you start to relate to yourself as Spirit, but it begins with an openness to receive, which creates a shift in identity, a turning around of your gaze to be aware of yourself as Spirit looking upon you and then informing and instructing your life so that your life starts to unfold with greater ease and magic. This is your heritage and it is the gift of the Divine Mother God. And so be it. Amen.

So one last time, open your physical arms. I open to receive from the Mother God. I am one with the Mother God and the Father God for I was born the beloved. And so be it. Amen.

All right, my love, so gently please start to bring your awareness back into the room and gently, gently, no crash landings, please.

I love you so much. Love each and every one of you. Deeply grateful for spending this time with you. Lots of Mother God love to you. And bye-bye for now.