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The World Today From A Spiritual Perspective

If you are upset by what’s happening in the world today…

​If you are triggered when watching the news…

​If you want to be part of the greater good & have more inner peace…

​Then give yourself the gift of a new perspective on today’s world with these incredible interviews with these 6 Luminaries.

​By listening to these interviews you can…….

Enlighten yourself as to the bigger picture of what’s happening on the planet at this time.

​Learn many specific practical keys that can uplift & assist you.

​Learn how you personally can make a a positive contribution to the world.

​This incredible audio set contains 5 exclusive interviews, over 3 hours of information.

Listen to:

  • Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick,
  • Russell Bishop,
  • Dr. Inez Bishop,
  • Alisha Das Hayes &
  • Michael Hayes

In this audio set they talk about their perspective on everything from the evolution of human consciousness to the Golden Age.

Take advantage of this rare offering to hear all of these incredible speakers in one place!

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Highlights from Alisha’s interview include:

  • ​The waves of intensity that come and go on the planet.
  • ​How we as multi-dimensional beings can view the current world.
  • ​How the divine feminine and divine masculine are manifesting on the planet at this time.
  • ​The convergence of the Angelic and human consciousness that is happening on the planet.
  • ​The teacher that exists inside of all of us.
  • ​A beautiful meditation to listen to when you want to connect with your loving heart energy.   


Highlights from Ron & Mary’s interview include:

  • ​Awakening into the Awareness of yourself and others as Divine Beings having a human experience.
  • ​Learning two Spiritual Psychology Skills-
  • empowering tools you can apply immediately for personal transformation, enhancing relationships, and Spiritual Awakening.
  • ​Assisting children in accessing the Wisdom of their Hearts.
  • ​Discovering and aligning with your two Soul’s Purposes-the one we all share and the one that’s uniquely yours.
  • ​Resolving “unresolved issues”(anything that disturbs your peace) through the master keys and practices of empathy, compassion, and forgiveness.
  • Knowing the difference between Acceptance and Resignation. 
  • ​Making your fulfilling, joyful and meaningful contribution to the global Awakening. 

Highlights from Russell’s interview include:

  • ​Discover how the beginning of the
  • Aquarian Age is affecting the planet.
  • ​Learn specific tools to lighten up your own consciousness & have more loving in your life.
  • ​The 9 magic words to say to move towards greater balance.
  • Why pain is inevitable but  suffering is optional. 
  • How we can get to the Golden Age and how gender equality fits into it.
  • How to use the freedom of choice to experience more positivity inside yourself.

Highlights from Michael’s interview include:

  • ​The acceleration of an opportunity to use our world differently.
  • The fundamental flow in the law of karma.
  • Why some cultures are moving forward and some are not.
  • ​Why’s it’s important to act from our new understanding and calling rather than from dogma.
  • ​The opportunity for progressions and regression that exists right now.
  • ​The fundamental change needed from leaders and groups to come into alignment with the new plan.


Higher Realms

This rare five-hour long seminar is the one Michael, Alisha, and the participants say was perhaps the very highest of ninety Awake to Love events! Held in an idyllic location in Santa Barbara, this was a gathering of spiritual devotees who had been in devout study for four or five decades.

In this cacred seminar, we discuss many fascinating esoteric subjects including: The higher realms of Spirit above Soul, How to connect to the greatest Spiritual Presence we can, The nature of the cosmic Christ and how to connect to it, How to live in Grace instead of law, what manifest reality predated the human and levels, and much more!

The greatest value is in the experience of what is presented, which is entirely available int eh viewing, well beyond words.  All Love to you.

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