For God so loved

the world She stepped down

the frequency of Her song

of love until we could hear

the exquisite note of You,

Christ. You wore

this chain-mail body

like a robe of light. sweeping

earth into heaven

in your wake.

Upon the fist

of judgment, You dashed

Yourself -thus opening

the tomb of law,

spilling out only

rose petals of love. You burst

our Luciferian shackles freeing

us to dance

full of


You said, “These things

I do you too shall do

and even greater”

With you within us,

with each loving choice

we fledgling Christs make,

we draw closer to

God’s own image.

When we wash

the feet of Judases

within and without,

forgiveness flows as Baptism






of love and mercy.

This, then,

is the Holy water

upon which we may


As we, not

immaculately conceived,

cry out

as this levels lash

slashes to the bone,

yet pick


our cross and


the Messiah

resurrects still

within us.

For God so loves

the world still,

He breaths us,

filling us

with the Wind of the Holy Spirit-

clear, invisible,


(so we may be aware of our Father and Mother even here)

It shimmers

with You.