There are 24 Great Archangels that I have seen so far out of a few hundred Archangels (and trillions of angels). They are quite rarified.

One of them gave its name to me as The Archangel of the Covenant. In my experience, this one reaches into places within each of us that seem empty. Of course, we are never truly empty, but we do perceive we are at times. If we were perfect there would be no change, no action, no karma, no movement. Therefore, the only thing that is perfect is change.

If we were perfect what would we learn? We’d be one with God. We’d be Christed IN OUR AWARENESS as well as in our reality. If we were perfect in our awareness there would really be no point to this creation and karma. In the dynamic of creation there is that illusion or that play of separation, incompleteness, imperfection. What’s the blessing, the opportunity in this imperfect level? The opportunity for God as us to awaken, to rediscover itself again, to fall in love all over again, of it’s own free accord, free will.

The Archangel of the Covenant assists us to gain this altitude, to move into cooperation and acceptance of that which is as perfect (in all it’s imperfection). It brings in the completion of the Lord. The Archangel of the Covenant is the helpmate of the Lord in this way.

Have you heard it said, “if you strive towards excellence in God’s name it will be completed by the Christ?” This is a similar action. It brings in the wholeness of God’s promise to us, as us.

To over simplify it: If we do God the favor of walking through this world (with all its trials and tribulations) to bring back the experience of the Lord back to Itself, then we are promised that we will be restored in that completion and wholeness.

So when you call upon the Angel of the Covenant, it can bring you into that precious awareness of I’m restored in God. I am whole. The promise is already manifest. I am just walking these steps while I remember who I am and remember that promise that has never left me, never forsaken me. Maybe I’ve closed my eyes and ears and haven’t been aware of it, but the promise is within me, alive in me, holding me in loving forever.

The Archangel of the Covenant restores us to that spiritual promise. It reminds us, it brings us that altitude of “Oh yeah, I remember before I incarnated this time, I thought “this will be easy”. 80 years, blink of an eye. I’ll learn all these cool lessons for God and be restored to heaven everlasting forever more. Easy Breezy”.

The Archangel of the Covenant reminds us to not take all this so seriously and that we are never, ever doing this alone. That all is, we are perfect now.

God Bless You and I love you. Alisha