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1808, 2022

Evolution of The Divine Masculine with Stephen McGhee

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Transcript “Evolution of The Divine Masculine”, Healthy Life Radio, Tuesday August 16 2022 Alisha: Hello and welcome to the Alisha Das Show “Live Your Love”.  So delighted to be with you today. I have the most amazing guest.  You're in for such a revelatory and fun time. So I have [...]

1608, 2022

Nurturing The Divine Feminine

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Transcript "Nurturing the Divine Feminine", Live Stream, Saturday July 23 2022 Hello angels. Thank you so much for coming to our live stream on the Divine Feminine. What a beautiful international community we have.  Let’s just connect in as we call in the Light and just open to the Spirit, [...]

1308, 2022

Spiritual Warrior

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I am a warrior angel not a made-in-man’s-own-image, baby angel. I throw down for the up side. Too, though, I am God’s handmaiden, convening by the river, meditating in the peace. Yet, if what I love is threatened, I am the elf confronting the hooded goliath slinging barbs through [...]

1506, 2022

How Things Are Filled

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How Things Are Filled “Why do You need Mother God?” “Can’t you do it Yourself?”, our teacher asked the Father. “I’m not required to”, the Father answered, Spirit conceived an opening and that which fills it. A dance between the male, ‘making it happen’ and female, ‘allowing it to [...]

1311, 2021

Karmic Cycles Part 4 by Michael Hayes

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Our 21st century world is engaged in an extraordinary upsurge in the use of advanced technologies. The pace of technical advancement is dizzying, with startling new developments appearing every year. From a karmic perspective, this is connected to the return opportunity for mankind to deal with the explosion of [...]

2909, 2020


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For God so loved the world She stepped down the frequency of Her song of love until we could hear the exquisite note of You, Christ. You wore this chain-mail body like a robe of light. sweeping earth into heaven in your wake. Upon the fist of judgment, You [...]

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