When you speak (from your mind) about Spirit
you transmit information.
When you speak from your heart,
you move others but they don’t necessarily
travel into their Souls and beyond.
When you Speak from Spirit,
you irradiate a divine experience.
The words manifest the unmanifest
upon a carrier wave of loving.
Listeners experience what’s spoken
rather than what’s spoken about.

To speak from Spirit you must drop your very identity, surrender into the divine unknowing into undifferentiated consciousness and let love speak.

Then the message and the messenger are one.

  • Discern the difference between speaking about Spirit or from Spirit through an esoteric ‘rap’
  • Clear fears, limiting beliefs, even karmas that have prevented you from allowing the greatest spiritual presence to work through you through a process with a classmate
  • Explore more about how Spirit uniquely moves through you and how you may Attune to and receive spiritual presence and guidance in a greater way through guided meditations and a solo process
  • Allow yourself to dwell within the Divine Unknowing and bringing forward messages from Spirit
  • Experience speaking out loud from a rarified place of pure Truth with the witness and support of a loving tribe in a way that you can take out into the world

“Alisha’s conviction that every one of us can speak from Spirit-and how she called us forward into our greatness inspired me and gave me courage. Her curriculum and processes were excellent. She worked with us to clear karma that had been getting in the way of our speaking from the Beloved. I was amazed by what came out of my mouth! It was a practice in high attunement and mastery. It powerfully built my confidence in sharing my gifts in groups. I’m so looking forward to the next class! ~ Wendy Stretton, Spiritual Counselor, Mother

John-Roger has said that all disease comes from either ‘a blockage of energy or not an efficient utilization of energy’ so besides liberating blocks to speaking from Spirit, one has to entertain that the healing from the class will have a profound effect on our expansion, inner knowing, confidence, and wellness! Alisha shared how to drop the lower levels of consciousness and embrace the true self of divine wisdom, encouraged us through exercises to access our true self and then expertly facilitated several class participants into releasing deep seated blocks pertinent to accessing inner infinite wisdom and then speaking it into the room for others’ benefit as well as their own. No mean feat! ~Dr. Mark Holmes, OMD, Lac, Author,

Seminar Leader
This class will be lovingly facilitated Alisha Das Hayes
Michael Hayes is invited to contribute

Enjoy this video to give you an idea of the class:

Date: Sunday, June 2, 11:00am – 3:00pm, PDT
In Person Limited to 20
Online: Unlimited

Cost: EARLY BIRD SPECIAL until 4/28, 2019:

$75.00 In Person (Save $20.00)
$35.00 Online (Save $10.00)

After 4/28/19 Regular Cost:
$95.00 In person
$45.00 Online

Place: Pacific Palisades, California
Archive – The event will be archived so you can view it at a time and date suitable to you.
Archive available for 30 days after the event.

“OMG yes! Listening to other people speak from Spirit and feeling the
healing I received as they healed at the same time was amazing! During
the partner exercise, I was nervous and fearful at first because of my
childhood shame in speaking up. I forgave what happened and spoke from
Spirit. When it was my turn to be up in front of the room, voila I was in
Spirit! Yes!!!!!! ~ Judea Jensen, Teacher