Guide to Instantly Connect with Your Guardian Angels

Many folks take heart in believing they have a guardian angel but don’t often consider that they have a conscious relationship with them. Many of us are aware of the benevolent presence of an angel even if we don’t “see” them. You may perceive your guardian angel with a kind of ‘spiritual sensing’ which is far subtler than physical sensing. For example, you might feel goose bumps or have some sort of kinesthetic awareness in your body of them, see an image, have a vision or a dream, smell an ethereal scent, or hear a beautiful, inner language, music, a fluttering of wings… You may feel a hand on your shoulder. You may simply know they are present like you know the existence of love or Spirit.



Bridge to Higher Consciousness

The Great Archangels assist us to experience the Divine. Perfect for expediting higher consciousness.  

Clearing for Light Workers

Protect and clear yourself more effectively so that all that remains between you and others is loving.  Perfect for light workers to use anytime.

Experience an Archangelic Being

Highly Esoteric Information which is both fascinating and pragmatic. Perfect for moving the consciousness forward.


6 Beloved Great Archangels

I am the Magdalene

Diamond White Light Clearing Technique